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Volvo Vetoes Violence

March 29. A date that you may want to remember. Especially if you are in the Illinois area.

You see, that is the very date when more than 100 leaders in the business arena are going to come together to see through one goal: to work out ways so as to lessen the number of violence in the country and in the area. They call this gathering the CeaseFire Leadership Summit.

Such a gathering would be held at the University of Illinois which is located in Chicago. Together, they would be doing a brainstorming so as to find ways to lessen the amount of violence in the country. They are going to make the program a highly successful one, even more successful than the years before.

CeaseFire Illinois has a website which can be accessed through www.ceasefireillinois.org. This organization is headed by Dr. Gary Slutkin who previously worked as an epidemiologist for the World Health Organization.

For the entire gathering and preparation for this humble cause, Volvo Cars would be joining in and doing its share to achieve the goal. This was after the car maker’s president and chief head honcho, Anne Belec, found out about CeaseFire through the Annual Volvo For Life set of awards. This was because the founder of CeaseFire was one of the nominees and later on became one of the awardees.

Belec did share, “CeaseFire has achieved incredible results in such a short time period. I believe with some of the nation’s best business minds together in one room, and with the attention of our nation’s First Lady, we’re certainly on the right track to take CeaseFire to the next level.”

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