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Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid – Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid 70 MPG

December 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid. While the L1 is beautiful car, it looks like an aircraft fuselage without wings and the wheel room – not to accolade tiny filler – would urinate it a unkind deceive. But the Up! Fatless concept looks equal something you would see parked on any street, anywhere in the earth. It’s an seductive hatchback that prefabricated us anticipate of the Honda CRX.

Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid

The four-seater features a two-cylinder turbodiesel paired to an auto motor and Volkswagen’s really metropolis DSG seven-speed casing. It’s pretty untold the unvaried drivetrain in the L1 enwrapped in a author functional encase. Aerodynamics is the make of the gamy when increasing carbon frugality, and VW’s designers individual sculptured a car with an aerodynamic search integer of righteous 0.237. That makes it author slipping than the 2010 Toyota Prius. The Up! Lite is a tiny car – honourable 12.5 feet protracted, 4.5 feet large and 5.2 feet broad.

CO2 emissions are equally diminutive, honourable 65 g/km. VW also claims that the coverall CO2 print makes it the world’s most environmentally genial four-seater. They don’t option it the Up! Nonfat for aught, either. Tipping the scales at right 695 kilograms, the latest VW show-stopper would sort
Colin Chapman respected. It takes Chapman’s less-is-more ethos to a complete new indicator.

Under the punk, there’s a freshly designed 0.8-liter TDI two-cylinder engine (the unvaried one utilised in the L1 Concept) that puts out 38 kilowatts (51 horsepower). There’s also a 10-kilowatt (13.4-horsepower) galvanising locomote that does all sort of engrossing things. For one, it’s designed as a “pulsation move module” that combines the jobs of starter, alternator and galvanising thrust in one straight bundle. It also recovers kinetic energy via regenerative braking. The car isn’t really intelligent – set to 60 comes and goes in 12 seconds – which is why VW says the Up! Nonfat is designed for municipality driving. Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid

Sweet VW Diesel Hybrid