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The Suzuki Grand Vitara Bandit

Pave the way for the Suzuki Grand Vitara Bandit, harboring the much-needed ammo to be exhibited at a Netherlands Auto Show. Dutch distributor of Suzuki cars and motorcycles, Nimag, has hooked up with Progress Europe Supply Company to create a tuner special for the Grand Vitara. Only last year did Suzuki actively urged tuning specialists in North America to toil on their models. Looks like Europe has engaged in the trend as well.

The Progress Europe Supply Company labors for a diverse group of established automakers in Europe, mainly crafting aerodynamic body modifications. The Grand Vitara bandit is most popular with surfers or those into water sports. Nimag has commended the company with the whole development process of the Grand Vitara.

Its exterior Suzuki parts look a bit weird in most angles but it definitely is a hit among tropical weathered places such as California and Florida where beaches and sand are part of the state’s landscape. Of course, this is not a geography lesson in the works but it deems the Grand Vitara where it will be most appropriate. It will look out of place in Amsterdam though but it will be displayed at the AutoRai Show in the aforementioned place.

Several key features are fitted in its bodywork construction such as an aggressive-looking front end, wide fenders to accommodate the bigger 15-inch wheels, a new roof rack, a new rear door, a revamped exhaust system, a Pioneer sound system, teak-wood flooring, a wakeboard (hooray for wakeboarding!), an outboard motor and an abundant addition of lights.

It poses a great feeling of driving around this Bandit beast and taking on the sun, sand and surf.

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