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Bob Shaw’s Excalibur RS – Excalibur RS’s 5.7-liter General Motors V-8

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Excalibur RS’s 5.7-liter General Motors V-8 crate engine is transistorised with Edelbrock throttle-body supply injection, tubular headers, and customised regulator covers manufactured by Physician’s craftsmen. Conformity Poet’s conventional red, light, and blue conveying, Doctor selected Mercedes-Benz religion nonindulgent tinny paint, which he patterned in a London moneyman’s showroom, and paired it with pearl-white and brilliant-red grandness emblem.

According to the latest automobile magazine:

The Excalibur RS (Robert Shaw) he loaned to us for a few memorable hours is the fourth jewel in this enthusiast’s crown. After rebuilding two Bugatti roadsters (Types 38 and 59), Shaw commissioned a scratch-built homage to the 1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa. The Excalibur is a tribute of a different caliber. Shaw was a close ally of the noted industrial designer Brooks Stevens and campaigned two of Stevens’s creations in vintage racing. The Excalibur RS is an appropriately modernized version of the Hawk sports roadster that Stevens designed in 1959 and developed to the scale-model stage (currently in Shaw’s possession).

Bob Shaw's Excalibur RS