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Big Motorcycles Extreme Modification

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are the owner of a motorcycle that need to be different, so the first thought is how to dress the alias motor modifications. Then you’ll start shopping accessories and modifications here and there. More and more components you replace, and without the feel was so much budget that came out. Then you begin to realize the function of modification is more than just beautify the look of (crude). Feel right any change many-sided effect. From the psychological side you feel the pride, of the feeling function you feel nothing has changed. Also in terms of cost, has countless hepeng you spend. Result, the motor show, it might be pretty, but it can also actually seronok. Function, motorcycles easier and more tightly controlled, but can also be quite the opposite: more wild and more severe.
If the negative aspects of these functions more appear, it means you have to start evaluating the function of modification you do. Is it really means, component selection, to modify the workshop. If you feel still less force, you have to evaluate the model and finishing a modification. It may be that you have the wrong school, your garage is less accurate, or perhaps you are the less serious.
Speaking of the function is to talk about technology. Use of appropriate components, good quality, and still works best will help the overall motor performance. While talking about the display, is talking about taste. Modifikator only knows what you want to translate that will give satisfaction. Only modifikator which gives you a good components that will maximize motor performance. And, only skilled modifikator that will give you the correct input concept and make it fit the concept and the agreed budget.
Injection Motor Benefits
There’s one in the public perception of Indonesia on the motor injection machine, which he said ribet is, is more expensive. when in fact the motor with injection technology 10% more efficient in fuel consumption compared berkarburator motors, are also easy to care about it because it does not need to dismantle and sets karbu again, if the motorcycle carburetor service takes 30 minutes for the injection motor takes only 15 minutes! .
Why koq injection could be more efficient than a carburetor?
That’s because the dose given is always appropriate. from the bottom up round the gasoline-air ratio is always measuring fit, according to information from Edhi Sarwono, Technical Service Training Manager PT AHM. injection dimotor many sensors that regulate engine performance, fuel flow and air can be adjusted according to the needs of the gas openings. Another advantage, if the motor carburetor depending on environmental conditions, if the motor was in the higher places, it would be wasteful. and vice versa. but these conditions do not affect the motor injection. because of the sensors in the motor for reading the temperature of injection environment, so the fuel flow as well as the local temperature.
Care easy
If the carburetor cleaned should be dismantled so that takes a long time, not to mention the risk because it is often dismantled so that some components wear out so vulnerable, especially skepticism buoy. was to type motor that uses vulnerable injection for longer treatment time, enough so 10-15 thousand miles, it was quite the spray injector cleaner. even if used bengsin quality is good, really do not need injections left unharmed again. because in addition to sterile, AHM also been backing up fine filter before entering the injector’ll certainly be safer Hariko Handy, Deputy GM Technical Service PT AHM.

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