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2010 Lexus IS 250 C

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment
2010 Lexus IS 250 C

The 2010 Lexus IS 250 C are comfortable for driving, that’s what the recent car vendors stated.

According to Joe DeMatio:

The test car had only the 2.5-liter V-6, but for most sun seekers it will be more than sufficient. I agree with Joe Lorio that the car had surprisingly sporty reflexes, although I found the steering to have heavy effort more than feel. Contributing to the sport effect are the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel column; they are nicely shaped, feel good to your fingertips, and easy to grasp. Not much wood in here, which is fine; adds to the modern aesthetic. Superb radio and navigation interface; very obvious how to switch back and forth between nav, audio, and climate controls.

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