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No Speeding More Than 50 kph in Canada

Can you enjoy a cruise downtown with your Lambo or Ferrari with only a maximum speed of 50mph? I guess you’ll yawn because of so much boredom! It would be okay if you’re driving a Prius or a Smart car, right?

You see, the need for speed is strictly prohibited in Canada! I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news to all Canadian drivers. But one thing is for sure, authorities are serious with this and you better observe your speedometers!

Anyone caught driving and exceeding the limit of 50 kilometers per hour or approximately 30 mph will be regarded as a street racer and without questions his car will be put into custody. This is according to Julian Fantino, the commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police. The police have the complete authority to seize and impound any car customized for street racing.

The law was implemented after a gruesome accident took place days before the move was made were a cab driver was killed by a speeding Mercedes racing another luxury car in Toronto. The fine for road racing increased ten times last month with a massive $10,000!

“There is no excuse for street racing and aggressive driving, such as the high speeds and unsafe lane changes we have seen recently,” Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino said in a recent press release.

“I’m advocating that if you speed 50 kilometers over the speed limit, you’re racing,” Fantino said, according to the Canadian Press.

“And then we should apply the racing laws to that and seize the vehicles and do whatever else is necessary. We have to stop all this,” he suggested.

Fantino got the idea when he visited Ohio were speeding drivers were caught using planes. The authorities from Ohio caught eight “high-end” drivers in just thirty minutes. Planes used in Ohio to catch speeders cost $380,000 each. This was the idea Fantino wants to bring to Ontario.

“I don’t know that we’re going to have a whole lot of difficulty here, but I wanted to do all the homework, look at all the ups and downs, pluses and minuses, and then put my case forward to the decision-makers,” he said.

A hot debate was set last week regarding the arrest of any driver and their car with or without a warrant. The discussion was headed by Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant. “We will seize it and you will never see it again. We will crush your car, we will crush the parts,” he strongly states.

“If we can establish someone has parts and they’re juicing up their car – obviously for the purpose of street racing – then we can seize those vehicles,” Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant said last Wednesday, according to the Canadian Press.

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2007 Suzuki Reno on Review

A friend of mine asks me while I was replacing my Mercedes Benz window switch, and Mercedes Benz wiper blade: What’s the ideal car to purchase?

I told him that actually I’m ready to discharge our family’s Suzuki Reno as an econobox. But then after my I’ve read the latest review from the net along with my research on the Mercedes Benz window regulator of the 2007 Suzuki Reno, I changed my mind and recommended the said vehicle. It’s because I was astonished of the testimony made by car enthusiasts after test drives of the said vehicle.

Ever since, Suzuki was known to be a brand that exerts effort in producing cars that are perfect not for the chosen few but rather for those who can’t afford much to purchase all those luxury brands.

The 2007 Suzuki Reno still stands for the same feature – economical and that is a perfect match for the upward sloping trend of gasoline. Based on the testimonies, there are still lapses that one can find with the vehicle. On this, the brand made sure that the vehicle would still come with features that will not sacrifice comfort, safety, fun, and, of course, driving performance.

The Reno is powered by a four-cylinder engine that is coupled with 2.0-liter double overhead cam which is spirited enough to run out the 2,739-pound model all the way with an ease. It features a 5-speed transmission (manually), plus a trouble-free shifter, well-spaced gears, first-class handling, and a 102.4 in. wheelbase – all these helps the vehicle get an utmost performance.

The vehicle can produce 127 hp @ 5400 rpm/131 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm and, as expected for a car in this category, you’ll be surprised with its performance as it winds up on zigzag and snaking roads without much fuss!

Adding for a more relaxed ride are the comfortable seats both the front and rear though the seats in the front offer small side support. It also features a deep center console. It has a spacious legroom, a flat center floor, and its trunk volume has been expanded to up to 45 cubic feet for the seats at the back can be folded thus the added space.

As standard features, the following are still: included power windows, door locks, and mirrors, standard eight speakers CD/AM/FM/MP3 audio system, and AUX input intended for the audio.

Simple features that are visible in this model are the steering wheel, instrument panel, a tachometer, large speedometer, temperature gauges, and digital clock, four-wheel disc brakes, and “dead pedal” to relax your left foot. Cup holders are also installed plus, sunglass holder, two-12-volt outlets, assists handles visible in all doors, adjustable front shoulder belts, and a wiper at the back are set up as part of its convenience features.

This vehicle is accessible with its price amounting to $13,499 – simple and economical but after the test drive of the 2007 Suzuki Reno shows that purchasing the model is one great deal.

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“Unwanted Scrap Tire” Business Rolls into Livonia, Michigan

Not all that glitters is gold! For you, this thing that I am talking about is considered as waste but for a company like Encore Associated Leasing L.L.C. (“EAL”), it’s one form of wealth and a type of gold.

Just imagine 280,000,000 scrap tires discarded throughout the United States – that sounds horrible, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine living in a nation with a potential for a major tire fire which is a constant threat aside from the fact that tire piles make very appealing homes for pests. It also becomes breeding grounds for other creatures especially when stored and uncovered with standing water thus leading to mosquito larvae thriving on. Yuck!

Thanks to Encore Tire Recovery for taking a step in helping out to recover these scrap tires. What they do is they use a convoy of “T2” tire collection vehicles parading along the highways in Southwest Michigan on the way to their corporate headquarters which is located at 12822 Stark Road in Livonia. What a brilliant idea. They are not just bringing jobs within the locality but they also take a vital role in giving an environmental solution.

The mobile shredding vehicle bears a resemblance to a compactor garbage truck however it has the capacity to shred tires at a rate of 500 tires per hour. The innovative system turns scrap tires into environmentally friendly end products. Those unwanted scrap tire piles strewn all the way through the countryside threatens a lot of locals with serious hazards. I then do not wonder why it is classified as a serious environmental nuisance.

Actually there were a lot of states and municipalities which were disturbed and annoyed by the negative response of several tire retailers to accumulate and appropriately dispose all these man-made products. In the process, they have endorsed laws and ordinances obliging the tire retailers to guarantee them an apt dumping of the used tires. Michigan has enacted a law that places the duty of proper tire disposal on the retailer and the law is being strictly enforced.

According to Paul Merklinger, the President and CEO of Encore, the future of scrap tire management begins now and as the Encore Team introduce and demonstrates this “T2” vehicle, he is anticipating that the nationwide program to onslaught the problems linked with scrap tires be realized sooner.

But I have a problem for now I don’t have used car tires, but I have used a Saturn window motor and a Saturn windshield wiper motor. Does somebody know where I can bring those used car parts for recycling or proper disposal?

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Hummer To Unleash ModeLabs Group Designed Hummer HT1

Hummer vehicles are certified bad boys of the road. Armed with their powerful engine and geared with a bold and awesome auto body styling, Hummer is the absolute vehicle for the tough and aggressive types. Can you imagine this car turn into a sleek mobile phone – impossible, right? But believe me when I say that the Hummer has its own version of a mobile phone. Check this out!

Hummer, a part of General Motors Corporation’s division announced the commencing of their very first mobile phone which was designed exclusively and distributed by the much known Customized Design Manufacturer (CDM) – ModeLabs Group. This gadget is greatly inspired from the Hummer’s high-end finished wheels and grille design of the vehicle. The first ever Hummer HT1 mobile phone offers an extraordinary styling with a slider form and touch panel. It’s a sweet combination of either Yellow, Khaki and Sand design colors with the leading-edge technology. The Hummer HT1 displays powerful and versatile features with easy and accessible multimedia tools such as FM radio, a 2-megapixel camera with digital zoom, a micro SD memory card extension, Bluetooth stereo, triband, USB port, email and a lot more of cool features and stuff! How about that for a Hummer mobile phone? That’s totally sweet! The HT1 is packed with two battery covers with variants of designs to choose from and it can be customized by applying the genuine Hummer paint colors with additional ten wallpapers and two videos as exclusive Hummer content. Totally a Hummer experience!

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Saab Cars Awards & Achievements

Let’s give a moment and give our attention first to Saab cars. We’ve been talking about top automakers like Toyota or GM lately it won’t hurt if we talk about some other things like this one, right? Let’s have a break from discussing Saturn car covers, BMW rotors or whatsoever. Let’s focus and review Saab’s achievements and awards for the past five years. Let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s start way back 2003 when they collected five awards.

  • Awarded five star rating by the European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) in crash tests – Saab 9-5 2003 model
  • Awarded five star rating by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in side-impact crash tests (driver position) – Saab 9-5 2003 model
  • 5-star Safety Rating from IIHS – Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan
  • 5-star Safety Rating from IIHS – Saab 9-5 Sedan
  • The Safest Car in Sweden from the Folksam insurance company, Sweden – Saab 9-5


  • Awarded “Double Best Pick” designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the first passenger car to achieve this distinction. 2005. – Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan
  • Awarded five star rating by the European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) in crash tests – Saab 9-3 Convertible 2004
  • The Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan is the first car ever to earn “double best pick” in the IIHS Side Impact Crash Test Results.
  • Awarded 2004 Car Book Best Bet, The Car Book in conjunction with the Center for Auto Safety – Saab 9-5 Sedan
  • Awarded 2004 Car Book Best Bet, The Car Book in conjunction with the Center for Auto Safety – Saab 9-5 SportWagon
  • 5-star Safety Rating, EuroNCAP – Saab 9-3 Convertible


  • The ethanol-powered Saab 9-5 2.0t BioPower has been honored with Popular Science magazine’s “Best of What’s New” award, 2005.
  • The 2005 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan earned the IIHS’ “Top Safety Pick – Gold Award”, 2006.


  • 2.8 V6 Turbo powertrain 9-3 engine was named among the ’10 Best Engines for 2006′ by the editorial staff of Ward’s Automotive Communications.
  • The Saab 9-5 received a 5-star frontal crash test rating for front-seat passengers by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.*
  • 2006 Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year’ Award received in the best value, on-road category from Active.Com and the Gen-A Network, Saab 9-3 SportCombi.
  • Red Dot Design Award from the German Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.
  • “Best in Show” award by AutoWeek Magazine at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show.


  • The Saab 9-3 Convertible: 2007 “Top Safety Pick” for open-top models by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
  • “Top Safety Pick Award” for 2007
  • 2007: Top Safety Pick
  • 2006: Top Safety Pick- Gold Award
  • 2005: Double Best Pick
  • The Saab 9-7X SUV: “Best SUV for Resale” of any SUV in the US by
  • “First for safety in the $25-30k class” by
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Death of Tongan Prince Was Blamed On Ford

Because of the unsafe design of the car, the death of the Tongan Prince was blamed by some on the Ford Motor Company. A sporty utility vehicle was driven by his father who died because of a car accident.

A lawsuit was filed at Dearborn and the Michigan Based auto maker was the one sued. The 55 year old Prince Tu’ipelehake was with his 46 year old wife Princess Kaimana Aleamotu’a Tuku’aho and their 36 year old driver Vinisia Hefa riding a 1998 Ford Explorer which had the tendency to ”roll over or flip in turning maneuvers.”

The lawsuit was filed last Monday by the Prince Tu’ipelehake’s sons Osaiasi Tu’ipulotu who is 34 and Vakafuhu Tu’ifua who is 12 at the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Both the prince and the princess died on the said accident last July 2006 after the vehicle run by their driver was side swiped by Edith Delgado, a Redwood City teenager. The SUV rolled over several times after it flipped. 19 year old Delgado was confirmed racing with another driver when the car driven by the teenager hit the running SUV. Authorities have said that Delgado’s car was running on a speed of 85 and 100 mph on Menlo Park highway. The young driver pleaded not guilty after the three counts of vehicular manslaughter was filed against him. The trial for the case had begun last week at the San Mateo County.

The lawsuit that was filed against Ford saying that the marketing mislead the drivers and passengers that the Ford Explorer promises to be safe on highways travelers but it turned out to be a great lie. The lawsuit also includes the roof of the Expedition that was not made safe for the driver and passenger during a rollover. According to the sons of the prince who died, it should be made tougher than it should be.

Kristen Kinley, the spokeswoman of Ford, said that the company has not seen the lawsuit therefore they should not comment on it. She also defended their Explorer brand saying that the vehicle had undergone tests as an SUV and therefore it is ‘’as good as or better than other SUVs in handling and stability.”

The lawsuit also includes the Delgado names such as Jose Luis Delgado, Hefa and the owner of the Explorer, John Martin Hiss III, as defendants.

Anyway, the BMW relay, BMW repair manuals and BMW reset tool are all auto parts you can order online. Visit the most trusted website online and order these fabulous car parts for your BMW car.

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What They Say About The Nissan Murano

Murano… are you familiar with this name? I think some of you are familiar with this name but for those who don’t, let me introduce the 2007 Nissan Murano!

This SUV has earned some credits and respect from the automobile world’s eyes and critics. For the past two years, it has emerged as one of the premium cars of Nissan – now this ride definitely deserves the attention from us!

When I had a quick review on Nissan lights and Nissan starters last night, I visited the homepage of Nissan USA at where I gathered some of the opinions of our respected auto critics and journalists about this ride. Let’s check them one by one and get to know the 2007 Murano even more!

“It was as comfortable as an entry-luxury sedan, with ride nearly comparable. Best of all, when the rain hit, hard, the Murano was surefooted and unperturbed by several inches of standing water at up to 40 mph.” – The Auto Channel, 2006

“It is cutting edge in its design, with curves in places other designers don’t seem to realize there are places.” – The Auto Channel, 2006

“Based off the Altima sedan, the unibody Murano offers a smooth highway ride and limited off-road ability. The car is powered by the same silken V-6 as in other Nissans and is coupled to a continuously variable transmission considered one of the best on the market.” – Motor Trend, 2005

“Thankfully, the Murano is about more than style. This may well be the best pure crossover vehicle ever created for the masses. It looks and feels like a luxury car, but is priced within reach of the mass market.” –, May 2005

“The Murano is different from most crossovers, however, in that it’s biased toward the car part of the equation. It offers more of a car-like ambience and handles better on pavement than competitors like the Pilot and Toyota Highlander. One look is all it takes to know how different the Murano is.” –, 2005.

Here are some bonus info about Nissan Murano’s awesome features!


  • Nissan Navigation System with GPS DVD-ROM atlas
  • RearView Monitor (with hatch-mounted rear camera)
  • 7.0″ LCD color information center with multiple displays
  • Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) with high rear vents
  • Illuminated steering wheel-mounted cruise control
  • Intelligent Key
  • Power windows with front windows one-touch auto-up/down and auto-reverse feature
  • Power door locks
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Remote front windows down
  • Key-operated front windows up/down
  • Cruise control
  • HomeLink® Universal Transceiver
  • Tilt steering column
  • Variable intermittent windshield wipers
  • Rear intermittent wiper
  • LED taillights
  • Dual exhaust outlets with chrome tip finishers
  • Dual power outside mirrors
  • Dual heated outside mirrors
  • Power sliding glass sunroof with multi-position switch and auto-reverse feature
  • Front UV-reducing green-tinted solar glass
  • Rear black privacy glass
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The Best of the Best 2007 Chevy Silverado

This ride has earned a massive set of prestigious awards this year. Let me enumerate them one by one, and prepare to be amazed! Starting off with the 2007 Car and Driver’s 5Best Trucks Award, the 2007 North American Truck of the Year, Kelley Blue Book’s “2007 Best Redesigned Vehicles”, the 2007 Truckin’ Magazine’s Truck of the Year, Road & Travel Magazine’s 2007 International Car of the Year Awards – Truck of the Year, Road & Travel Magazine’s 2007 International Car of the Year Awards – Pickup Truck of the Year – Most Athletic, 2007 Detroit Free Press Truck of the Year and the Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards – Workhorse! Now how about that for a vehicle! It’s a grand slam for the Chevy Silverado. A round of applause please…

You see, everything is perfect in this vehicle. From the Chevrolet traction bar to the Chevrolet pickup power tuning chip, all of its parts are in great shape!

Let’s hear some of the opinions about the 2007 Chevy Silverado from the panel of judges, auto journalists and all the presenters of the given awards.

“Put it all together, and pickups don’t get any better than the Silverado in 2007. The small block V8, now in its second half-century of delivering usable power, provides a strong combination of performance, fuel economy, and refinement.” – 2007 Car and Driver 5Best Trucks Award

“Chevrolet Silverado delivers significant leaps forward in interior design, craftsmanship and materials quality; ride and handling; NVH attenuation; and powertrain efficiency…In every Silverado I tested, I was knocked out by the classiness and high assembly quality of this truck’s interior.” -Lindsay Brooke, Automotive Engineering International

“Chevrolet Silverado – The best full-size truck on the market…” -Michelle Krebs, Freelance

“Chevrolet Silverado has spared no effort in creating category standards for interior decor and exterior fit and finish. That this huge truck offers such a quality experience deserves high praise.” – Matthew Nauman, San Jose Mercury News

“The Silverado impresses immediately with clean, contemporary exterior styling and two equally smart-looking passenger cabin options. Where the 2007 Silverado solidifies its case for Best Redesigned Vehicle, however, is on the road and the trail. Notably improved steering, braking, ride comfort, handling and power delivery combine in a vehicle that’s infinitely more satisfying in town and on the highway. Combined with the segment’s highest available (Crew Cab) towing capacity and…Best available fuel economy, we think Chevy’s newest pickup is poised to make quite an impact in this era of tougher and more luxurious trucks.” – Kelley Blue Book’s

“…RTM editors made an obvious choice by announcing Chevrolet’s full-size, next generation Silverado as winner. There’s no confusing this pure pickup with anything of another genre. Looks alone – with hunky frame, broad chrome face and widest, double layer headlamps plus pleasantly cushy interior – would be enough to set it above the pack.” – Road & Travel Magazine

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