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Sky Red Line, Out This Fall

Stabilitrak electronic stability control. Traction control. Four-wheel ABS disc brakes. A close-ratio five speed manual transmission system with self-adjusting clutch. A limited slip differential. Performance-tuned suspension with coil-over Bilstein monotube shocks. Power locks. Power windows. Power mirrors. Air conditioning. OnStar.

Which vehicle holds all these? The new 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line. And it will be available this fall.

2007 Saturn Sky Red Line

I found all about this one while going through Auto Parts Corner.

Want this one? It costs less than $28,000. Seems like a good deal to me.

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Ford’s F-150 soon to go diesel

Ford’s F-150 soon to go dieselAutoWeek reports that Ford Motor Co. is developing a 4.4-liter V-8 diesel engine for use in the F-150 pickup, and possibly for the upcoming Expedition SUV too. The engine could be used later this decade. The engine would be a scaled-up version of a 3.6-liter V-8 diesel Ford began producing for Range Rovers in April at a plant in Dagenham, England. AutoWeek says that according to sources, the Dearborn automaker could produce the 4.4-liter engine in Dagenham and then ship it to the United States.

Diesel engines are already offered in a variety of larger pickups from Ford and other automakers. In the wake of the continuous rise of fuel prices, several automakers are now considering diesels for use in their vehicles.

While waiting for America’s number one pick-up truck to go diesel-powered make sure that your current vehicle is always in good shape. Should you need quality auto parts just click over to trusted online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner.

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GM to limit Solstice production

2006 Pontiac Solstice

AutoWeek reports that Pontiac is about to limit production of the Solstice and new G6 convertible in order to strengthen their residual values and avoid offering incentives. The magazine also says that GM has announced its plans to build 17,000 Solstices for the 2006 model year and produce 20,000 Solstice and high-performance Solstice GXP units in the 2007 model year. The Solstice had 1,500 units in inventory and a 21-day supply as of June 1 this year.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was quoted as saying that potential demand for the Solstice is as high as 35,000 units a year as of last month. To cope with this, GM may boost production at its assembly plant in Wilmington, Del., which builds the Solstice, Saturn Sky and Opel GT.

Meanwhile you will find no shortages of quality Pontiac auto parts at trusted online auto parts stores like Auto Parts Corner.

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Can You Afford These?

2003 Ferrari Enzo Coupe2003 Ferrari Enzo Coupe. Saleen S7. Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible. Bentley Azure. Lamborghini Murcielago. Aston Martin Vanquish. Porsche GT2. BMW Z8. Mercedes Benz CL 600. Jaguar XKR 100 Coupe/Convertible.

Yes, they are the most expensive cars ever. The most expensive, which is the 2003 Ferrari Enzo Coupe costs around $643,330. The least expensive among the pack, the Jaguar XKR 100 coupe/convertible, holds a price tag of $99,330.

Whew! I think I’d better stick to my car and just spruce it up with parts from Auto Parts Corner. I sure cannot afford to buy these. The only way I can have them as my own would be to put their picture on my desktop.

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