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Toyota: looking forward to increase sales in China

Toyota Vitz in China
A huge leap in its sales in China proves Toyota is taking on the global market.

Media reports say that in June 2006 Toyota’s sales in China is already up by 61 percent. And the automaker is expecting it to grow by 52% this year to 278,000 units. The sales leap was made possible thanks to the Japanese automaker’s new models. Clearly, Toyota is ramping up the capacity to further grow in the world’s second-largest auto-market.

Just waiting to be sold in China is a Yariz/Vitz derivative, to be produced in a joint venture with the Chinese company Guangzhou Automotive Group, as well as the RAV4 compact sport utility vehicle in cooperation with FAW Group in Tianjin.

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The Alfa Romeo is coming back!

Alfa Romeo is coming back
Now this is one car that I can’t wait to check out.

Although it is still two years away to coming back here in the US, there is a lot to be excited about Alfa Romeo’s confirmed return to the North American market after more than a decade’s absence. Three contemporary new models, all developed with U.S. safety and emission regulations in mind – facelifted versions of the one-year-old 159 sedan, as well the recently launched Brera coupe and Spider convertible will be the automaker’s initial offing. The lineup will remain unchanged until early next decade when, if news reports are to be believed, Alfa Romeo may diversify with three more models that already exist as styling proposals at Alfa Romeo’s design headquarters in Turin: Kamal, Racer and 169.

Sounds like an exciting comeback to me.

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Ford’s Fairlane concept gets green light for production

Ford’s Fairlane concept - Ford Parts

In the midst of the slump in sales of SUVs and minivans, a Ford executive has confirmed that a Ford-brand version of its Fairlane concept will hit the market in 2008. Suppliers also say that the Lincoln brand will also get a version of the new crossover. Very little is known about the final version of the new vehicle which will replace the Monterey and Freestar minivans in the three-rows-of-seats market segment, but rumors are that the Ford production version of the concept car is unlikely to carry the Fairlane badge. Apparently the Detroit automaker appears to be veering away from the idea that their car nameplates should start with the letter F. The new vehicle will also depart from the familiar jelly-bean shape of minivans with its Range Rover styling cues.

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The best American Cars

If you’re currently feeling patriotic and you are in the mood for an All-American car then you might want to have a look at BusinessWeek’s top 12 American vehicles:
  1. Small Car: Ford Focus
  2. Sedan: Chevrolet Malibu
  3. Wagon: Ford Focus Wagon
  4. Minivan: Dodge Caravan
  5. Small Truck: Dodge Dakota
  6. Large Truck: Ford F-150
  7. Luxury Sedan: Chrysler 300
  8. Mid-Sized SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee
  9. Luxury SUV: Jeep Commander
  10. Supercar/Exotic: Saleen S7
  11. Special: Ford Escape Hybrid
  12. Special: Dodge Viper SRT10

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