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Black Boxes for Automobiles

The Black box is the technical term for a device with an input and output attributes. According to some sources, an object can be technically called a black box though it’s not literally black; a transistor; a cassette or any recording device may be called a black box.

Black box is a device or object which records audible data. In aircraft technology, it records all communications made in the cockpit of an aircraft while in flight. This had been very popular and helpful in reporting and detecting the causes of aircraft crashes.

Today, this technology is being thought of to be installed on automobiles. Adolfo V. Bague, an Argentine inventor has won a patent for a data recorder designed to be installed in cars to capture information about traffic accidents. He claims that his invention is not merely a modification of the black boxes which are used in aircrafts. He explained that an aircraft black box is large, heavy and very power consuming which proves to be impractical for cars. Despite, it uses very expensive technology which can disappoint car buyers. Bague claims, that he originally designed a recording device that are ideal for cars.

The invention includes multiple sensors, a microphone and cameras. A microprocessor and a data storage memory are housed in a tamperproof, waterproof and fire resistant box that can be removed from the car after an accident. The information that can be recorded during the accident are ”braking pressure, brake temperature, brake line hydraulic pressure, average speed, acceleration or deceleration in one or more dimensions, rate of turning, steering angle, compass direction of travel, impact, tire pressure, cruise control status, windshield wiper status, fog light status, defroster status, and geographical positioning information,” Mr. Bague wrote in his patent.

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