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Orange Metallic Paint Job

September 26, 2006 Leave a comment


1967 Ford F100 is my new patient. It has rust here and there, dents and dings on almost every panel. It’s antique custom orange paint is peeling off, the body panels do not line up with each other very well. I was entrusted to beat it back into shape.

After all the body panels are cleaned up and straightened, this baby is going to get a orange crush with gold pearl paint job. I can already see it.

Innitially I was going to paint it orange metallic but after talking to my paint supplier, I found out that orange paint is to dense and will not let the metallic be all that it should be. So even better, now I will have to use gold pearl to get the somewhat same, maybe better effect.


The original idea was a 2002 Lamborghini Diablo/Murcielago Color, Arancio Atlas.

Color Name: Arancio Atlas
Orange Metallic
PPG Code: *0058

This is the same color that the Orange Toyota Supra from The Fast And The Furious has. I actually have a whole page built about this Supra if you are interrested in reading about the build and specs of this car. Go to

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Kia Revealed the "pro_cee’d" Concept

September 23, 2006 Leave a comment
pro_cee’d concept
Kia Motors has already revealed some photos of their concept vehicle set to debut in the upcoming 2006 Paris Motor Show. The new concept was named pro_cee’d and was based on the Kia Cee’d hatchback.

The five-door hatchback features a bolder exterior style with lowered roof line, shallower side windows with chrome trim, and five double-spoke wheels. Interior features include leather trims and four seats with bucket-style backrests along with the aluminum alloy mountings that serve as head restraints.

The Kia pro_cee’d will be produced at Kia’s European assembly plant in Slovakia starting this November and according to Kia, the pro_cee’d concept will become the third model in the Cee’d line-up.

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Why Should Crash Tests Results be Considered when Purchasing Vehicles?

September 22, 2006 Leave a comment
Crash Test
Old folks have this saying that once you buy a car it’s like putting one leg in the grave. This must be because driving involves risks that could easily claim one’s life, or another’s. That is why choosing a car carefully and weighing its safety features are very important.

It is important to note that all vehicles sold in the US have passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The FMVSS conduct a tests in the form of 30-mph frontal and 33.5 mph side impact compliance crash tests.

However, crash tests results vary from model-to-model. There are those that perform well and those that perform poorly. As a buyer it is very important that you take note of those vehicles that obtain high crash test results. Usually, heavier or more massive vehicles are better when it comes to protecting its occupants. But most of the heavily structured vehicles are luxury cars so if the price doesn’t suit your budget you can always search for a more affordable model with good crash rating results.

In addition, also choose a car model with auto parts requirements that are not so difficult to find. Since future repair and maintenance will be expensive on your part.

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Clear Coat from Germany, CR4 Brand

September 21, 2006 Leave a comment

I have discovered this clear about six months ago. My paint supplier brought it by one day and asked me to try it out. Ever since then my paint jobs have changed. This clear is so easy to work with and it lays down so nice. Plus it buffs easy too. About 3 weeks ago I put half as much reducer into the mix by accident and my clear came out like glass. No orange peel. So next time I did it again and it came out perfect again. Ever since then I have been adding very little reducer to the mix and coming otu with perfect glass like clear coat.

I would reccomend to anyone that paints cars to try this clear if you’ve been having problems with orange peel.

4CR 7100 Automotive Clear Coat
The mixing ratio is 4:2:1 – clear:hardner:reducer
This is a 2 coat clear.

I wanted to write about this before but couldn’t find the manufacturer’s website or any information on it, so now I did.

The web site address is, it is a German product, their web site is in German but you can change the language on the top to English.

They also have a 7200 version of this clear which uses no reducer at all, and it is a single coat clear. I just got this one this week and will try it out. We’ll see how it does.

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CarMD to be Featured in DigitalLife Show

September 16, 2006 Leave a comment
PC Magazine Digital Village has chosen the innovative CarMD automotive diagnostic tool to be featured in the upcoming DigitalLife show, the ultimate consumer technology, gaming, and entertainment event of the year that will take place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on October 12 to 15.

The CarMD handheld tester acts as a car doctor used to monitor and maintain the health of vehicles produced from 1996 and later models. CarMD can work on a variety of vehicles such as cars, light trucks, minivans and SUVs. The red, yellow and green LED indicator lights on the device help customers to check if the vehicle’s system is running properly, which is an important consideration when going on a road trip. A USB connector is also included in the device to allow customers to connect the device to their PC and access the CarMD online database through the CarMD website. Reports can be send to the customers about the probable cause of car trouble and the estimated cost of repair. CarMD is already available online and getting one will make you spend $89.99.

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Tail Lights can Save Lives

September 15, 2006 Leave a comment
Tail Lights
Owning a car entails responsibility not only to your self but more so to others. I really don’t know if other drivers are aware of this. Because just last night I nearly met an accident because the truck that was ahead of me didn’t have tail lights. It’s just my luck that I stepped on the brake on time or I will not be here writing this blog.

I was planning to write a different topic today but my traumatic experience last night urged me to write about tail lights. I want to let all drivers know just how important tail lights are, since it seems that there are a few who are not aware of the danger of not having them on their vehicles.

Tail lights are not for decoration. I know, absurd as it sounds but who knows maybe that’s the reason why some drivers don’t have them on their vehicles because they think that they can simply do without it. Well, then I have news for you—Tail lights are used to warn other drivers especially at night to keep a safe distance because they are following another vehicle.

If you don’t have tail lights then you are putting yourself at risk and so with the other drivers. The only problem is that it is often the car that crashes from behind that gets the worst damage. So please purchase tail lights and for those that have them already check them because they can also get busted at times.

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Roll pan for 1998 Toyota T-100

September 13, 2006 Leave a comment

On my new (used) T-100 I decided to install a roll pan and get rid of my rear bumper. After spending hours online and looking through magazines, I could not find even one for a T-100.

I looked up a company here in town that does sheet metal fabrication to have it fabricated. I traced out the patern from the quarter panel sides that come over to the back, under the bumper onto a paper and cut it out. Transfered the patern from the paper to a piece of cardboard to give to the fabricators.

Them guys at the fabricator shop just tossed the patern. When I got the roll pan a week later it was way off of what I needed. The pattern I gave them was MIA. The rolled bends I needed them to make, they made with a brake, so now the bends that are suppose to be nice and smoothe, they have ridges on them, they made a bunch of brake bends to bend the metal into shape.

I didn’t take a pictures of it but I should have. Now I have to bondo the roll pan to make it smooth like I need it to be.

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Chevrolet’s WTCC Ultra Concept to Debut in Paris Motor Show 2006

September 12, 2006 Leave a comment
IWTCC Ultra Conceptt
Chevrolet hopes to catch the attention of visitors in the upcoming 2006 Paris Motor Show with the debut of the WTCC (World Touring Car Championships) Ultra concept.

The concept features Chevrolet’s interest in aggressive, bold, and muscular exterior. Although Chevrolet described the WTCC Ultra as a concept vehicle, they also said that the WTCC Ultra is a fully working car that is “ready to race” and “raring to go on the racetrack.

Designed by the 25-year old Ewan Kingsbury at GM Australia, the work was carried out by different engineers in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. Not only that, the engine was built in Korea and the prototype that would be shown in Paris Motor Show was assembled in Japan. That proves the WTCC Ultra concept’s international characteristics.

The WTCC Ultra is equipped with a 2.0-litre, 190bhp turbodiesel engine, the same engine for the Captiva SUV and Lacetti models that will debut next year. Watch out for this vehicle. While waiting for that, why not try to look for updates or replacements of your Chevrolet parts at Auto Parts Corner?

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Spyker to get involved in Formula 1

September 12, 2006 Leave a comment
Spyker with Formula 1
Spyker, the Dutch brand that has been producing Audi-powered exclusive sports cars since 2000 is reportedly working to buy the Midland Formula 1 team. The very small, dedicated automaker is famous for participating in various sporting events – the most remarkable was the 24 Hours of Le Mans early this year.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller told Rueters that “After World Cup football, Formula 1 is without doubt the best way to promote products.”

Well this should make Formula 1 a bit more interesting.

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More on Paint Jobs & Paint Guns

September 12, 2006 Leave a comment

Having a nice paint gun sure helps a lot. I have used a cheapie, Sharpe gun for a long time before finding out the night and day difference of using a nice SATA gun.

If you don’t have a SATA or iWata gun and unsuccessful to get a nice paint job done, I can tell you, you’re not going be able to do it.

SATA is my choice. Never again will I use anything else. The rest is all garbage. If you’ve been painting off and on for a while, as soon as you get yourself a nice SATA gun you will have success!!! As soon as you start spraying you will see the difference. You are getting a nice spray pattern, the paint is getting distributed a lot more efficiently, you will feel a lot more confident spraying. It is life changing.

The gun I use is SATAjet NR2000 digital. I bought it thinking, “digital, cool”, now I see it really makes no difference if it has a digital pressure display or not. The gun performs just the same without. I think I looked at this display twice. You will be spending extra $50 to $100 on this luxury. No need.

I recommend SATAjet NR2000. It will cost you from $420 to $550 new or about $290 used.

There is a new gun that SATA has just released, it is SATAjet 3000, which should be pretty nice. But like I said, unnecessary. You will spend more for luxury.

Also there is a SATAjet RP that is a nice gun, but I don’t like the feel of it. I can’t quiet explain what it is about it, but I just love my NR2000. The RPs are a little more expensive than NRs but not much to make a big deal about. If you don’t know which one to get, get the NR2000 and you will be happy.

There are three ways of getting a nice SATAjet gun.

One is buying it brand new from your local paint supply store. You are going to get a nice setup for about $550 to $699. Your local supplier will be able to tell you all about it. Most of which will be true. A great product needs no salesman.

Second way you can get your SATA is online. You can get it from an online store. Online as you know it, you can get things cheaper, about 10% to 20% off retail price. Here is a place you can buy one. The address is All the places online that you can buy these SATAs will be different but the product is the same. The prices and the shipping fees are what you are looking for a deal on. You will get a good deal at without loosing confidence. The shipping is $15.00 for most gun setups. This store specializes in SATA guns so you can expect a nice selection.

The third and the way you should get one is on eBay. Used SATAjet NR2000s sell for about $260 to $300 in good condition. These things are like Hondas, used only means it’s been broke in, now you get to enjoy the benefits. Now you have to be careful about who you buy from on eBay. Make sure you read all the description and the terms. Make sure you count in the shipping fee before you bid, so you don’t over spend. Make sure the gun is not broken and it has all the components, like the gun and the cup are there. Some guns I see sell without the cup and some people over pay for those.

There you go, now you have some info to take to the store with you. Get the nice gun and stop driving your self crazy with the cheapie. Maybe your blood pressure will even drop. 🙂

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