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Pokemons on The Neon?

Pokemon cards-covered Dodge Neon

Pokemon… Pokemon… Pokemon… Pokemon here. Pokemon there. Pokemons everywhere. The world is Pokemonie nowadays that I might wake up one morning finding out my dad is Pokemonie, too.

Before it became a Game Boy role-playing video game, Pokemon became famous as part of an animated series. Usually, it were the kids who were hooked to Pokemons but now even big boys are so into it as well.

This is not a work of fiction guys. I was looking for Ford Hedman headers for my old Ford car and I accidentally landed on to ebay.com and this is what I found – a Dodge Neon all covered with Pokemon cards.

Yes, wink and blink tons of times if you think your eyes are fooling you. This maybe is a sort of stupidity to some but take a closer look. You’ll discover that the cards are perfectly pasted on the car. Hmmm… Almost 1,500 Pokemon cards are found on the 2003 Dodge Neon that even the autoblog.com calls it the Pokneon. Unique, isn’t it?

The car is on auction and was sold for at least 5 grand. Just enough for a Chrysler car with stick shift, A/C, P/W, P/L and CD. It is an SXT model with 94,000 miles in its odometer and it does have a certification inspection all complete, so maybe $5,000 isn’t too far off. The car still contains factory installed Chrysler parts. The seller is adding another $2,000 for the Pokemon fans as the Neon is filled with Pokemon cards, which made it quite so special.

The seller promised to replace some cards that were affected by the rain. A clearcoat will also be applied to it if the bid reaches up to $7,000. Now, I can conclude. A Dodge Neon plus 1,500 Pokemon cards makes a car that valuable.

The bid will end soon but the bid is only $611 today. Do you think I need only a week to get to that price? Hmm… Let us all find out.

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