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Chrysler to Recall More Than 500,000 Vehicles

Dodge Durango

Last week, Chrysler Group’s Dodge Avenger was sent to a recall due to door latch problems. Now, the American car maker is going to recall more of its vehicles. This time around, they are calling back two of its SUVs with noted problems on its Chryslers parts.

In the February sales report, Chrysler did not make it to the top three. Toyota replaced the domestic auto maker being on the third place. It looks like Chrysler is not doing great this year.

Now both the Jeep Liberty and the Dodge Durango SUVs will undergo a recall as reported last Friday. Almost 500,000 SUVS will undergo the recall because of the noted problems on the blower motor for the Liberty and problems on the instrument circuits for the Durango. Both vehicles have been reported twelve times with the problems mentioned.

328,424 units of 2004 to 2006 model year Durangos were the vehicles affected while 149,605 of the 2006 and 2007 Liberty vehicles were defective according to the report. But other car parts like the Superwinch seems not to be affected at all.

The car company will be responding to the replacement this coming April. Meanwhile, you can call this number (800) 853-1403 if you own one among the vehicles that were mentioned. Dial the number to know more about the recall and on how you can have your car’s damaged and faulty parts replaced.

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