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Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce, 2010

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce, 2010


Technical data – Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce
    * Frame: High strength tubular steel structure with carbon fiber components
    * Bodywork: In carbon fiber, except roof and door external panels (steel)
    * Steering
          o Type: Mechanical (rack and pinion) power-assisted
          o Right-hand turning circle: 12.55 m (41.17 ft)
    * Wheels and tires
          o Front: 245/35 ZR 18″
          o Rear: 335/30 ZR 18″
    * Engine
          o Type: 12 cylinders at 60°
          o Bore and stroke: 88mm x 89 mm (3.46 in x 3.50 in)
          o Displacement: 6496 cc. (396.41 in³)
          o Compression ratio: (11 ± 0.2):1
          o Maximum power: 670 hp (493 kW) at 8000 rpm
          o Maximum torque: 660 Nm (487 lb-ft)at 6500 rpm
          o Engine position in vehicle: Longitudinal central-rear
          o Cylinder heads and engine block: Aluminum
          o Intake system: Variable geometry with 3 operating modes
    * Timing
          o 4 valves per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts
          o Timing gear transmission: 2 chains
          o Continuous timing variator (int. and ex.): Electronically controlled
    * Ignition system
          o Static type ignition system with individual coils (one for each spark plug).
          o Firing sequence: 1-7-4-10-2-8-6-12-3-9-5-11
    * Fuel system/injection
          o Lamborghini LIE electronic engine control unit, multipoint, sequential timed, DRIVE BY WIRE
          o Lubrication system
          o Type: Dry sump
          o Recovery pumps: 2 gear pumps
          o Delivery pump (high pressure): 1 gear pump
    * Cooling system
          o Type: Liquid cooled, with pressurized circuit
    * Transmission
          o Type of transmission: Permanent all-wheel drive with Viscous Traction system
          o Gearbox: 6-speed e-gear
          o Clutch: Dry single disc
          o Clutch disc diameter: 272 mm (10.7 in)
    * Transmission ratios
          o Traction Control System: T.C.S.
          o Gearbox – E-Gear & Manual
          o 1st: 1:3.091
          o 2nd: 1:2.105
          o 3rd: 1:1.565
          o 4th: 1:1.241
          o 5th: 1:1.065
          o 6th: 1:0.939
          o Reverse: 1:2.692
    * Brakes
          o 4 self-ventilated rotors with pedal control, hydraulic transmission with dual independent circuits, one for each axle with vacuum servo.
          o ABS antilock device + DRP function
          o Carbo ceramic brakes (CCB)
          o Handbrake: Mechanical, acting on rear wheels
          o Front rotor: Ø 380 x 38 mm (Ø 14.96 in x 1.5 in)
          o Front caliper cylinders: n.6 (32-36-38 mm) (1.26 in -1.42 in-1.5 in)
          o Rear rotor: Ø 380 x 38 mm (Ø 14.96 in x 1.5 in)
          o Rear caliper cylinders: n.6 (32-36-38 mm) (1.26 in -1.42 in-1.5 in)
    * Suspension
          o 4-wheel independent articulated quadrilateral system. Hydraulic shock absorbers and coaxial coil springs. Suspension with dual front and rear struts, anti-roll, anti-dive and anti-squat bar.
    * Dimensions
          o Wheelbase: 2665 mm (104.92 in)
          o Total length: 4705 mm (185.23 in)
          o Total width: 2058 mm (81.02 in)
          o Total height: 1135 mm (44.69 in)
          o Dry weight: 1565 Kg (3450.2 lb)
          o Front track width: 1635 mm (64.37 in)
          o Rear track width: 1695 mm (66.73 in)
          o Front overhang: 1090 mm (42.91 in)
          o Rear overhang: 950 mm (37.40 in)
          o Maximum overall width with external rear-view mirrors: 2240mm (88.19 in)
          o Weight distribution front/rear: 42% – 58%
    * Liquid capacities
          o Fuel tank: 100 Liters (26.4 gal)
          o Engine oil: 12 Liters (3.17 gal)
          o Gearbox oil: 3,5 Liters (0.92 gal)
          o Front differential oil: 1 Liter (0.26 gal)
          o Rear differential oil: 2,5 Liters (0.66 gal)
          o Cooling circuit: 15 Liters (3.96 gal)
    * Performance
          o Top speed with small spoiler: 342 km/h (212.5 mph)
          o Top speed with big wing: 337 km/h (209,4 mph)
          o Acceleration 0-100km/h: 3.2 s
    * Fuel Consumption (according with DIR 1999/100/CE)
          o City: 32 L/100km
          o Highway: 13.7 L/100
          o Combined: 20.6 L/100
          o CO2 Emission: 480 g/km
    * Fuel Consumption USA (according with US EPA guidelines)
          o Manual
                + City cycle: 8 mpg
                + Highway cycle: 13 mpg
                + Combined: 10 mpg
          o E-Gear
                + City cycle: 9 mpg
                + Highway cycle: 14 mpg
                + Combined: 11 mpg

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