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CR-X in Honda’s CR-Z || Honda CR-Z

CR-X in Honda’s CR-Z

CR-X in Honda’s CR-Z. The CR-X in Honda’s the ultimate CR-Z hybrid is the new CR-X. This will be the next hybrid car I think it suits well to your temptation and imagination.

According to wired.com:

For the record, Smith owns a 1989 CR-X Si. I’ve owned a ‘90 Si, just like the one pictured at right, and an ‘87 HF. Both were fantastic cars. Even the 58-horsepower(!) HF made a winding road lots of fun. The CR-X proved a car could offer decent performance, excellent handling and superlative fuel economy in an attractive package.

Smith is right in saying the CR-Z doesn’t measure up on paper. It weighs 2,670 pounds and has just 122 horsepower to haul all that bulk. The first-gen CR-X weighed between 1,713 and 1,978 pounds and produced as much as 135 horsepower depending upon the trim level and year. What’s more, the CR-Z is built on the same platform as the 2010 Insight, a car that offers all the driving excitement of a shopping cart.

There’s more than performance at issue here. A lot of people are harping about the car’s 36 mpg (combined), saying it’s appalling for a compact hybrid two-seater. The loudest critics note that the ‘89 CR-X HF got 41 in the city and 50 on the highway under current EPA standards. They’re comparing apples to oranges. The ‘89 HF produced 62 horsepower and weighed 836 pounds less than the CR-Z. It also didn’t have airbags, or traction control, or a six-speaker audio system, or power everything, or navi, or…. All that stuff adds weight, which is an enemy of fuel economy.

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