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New York International Auto Show Features First-Ever Virtual Garage

“I’m a new lover of cars. I found my favorite car (the Shadow Grey Aston Martin Vanquish) was discontinued and I think my heart died a little. So I’ve begun to dedicate myself to finding my own car, one that I could tune to my personality and style and ride it into the sunset. Can you help me?”

Those were words posted by 19-year-old car enthusiast Kitsune of New Jersey at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) Virtual Garage, accessible at autoshowny.com.

For the first time in auto show history, the NYIAS now features a Virtual Garage, an online publication of car enthusiasts’ personal garages to promote communication and friendship among present and future generation of car lovers. How? It’s simple. By logging in to the NYIAS’ Virtual Garage section, members get the chance to upload photos and videos of their cars, provide some personal information, become a “fan” of other members and discover other members’ garages while non-members can register to avail of the same privileges. Like maybe you have an Acura car that’s so much dear to you. So you go and show the world why. It may be because of the outstanding quality of its MDX bug shield. Surely, you’ll learn more from others who have mutual sentiments as yours.

At edmunds.com, Show Director Candida Romanelli said that the virtual garage is a great opportunity for all car enthusiasts around the world to keep in touch with each other and share personal stories about their cars.

Online community group was initiated by facebook.com and myspace.com. The NYIAS is the first auto show to adopt the same practical and technological system.

According to AutoChannel, this year’s NYIAS will unveil more or less 1,000 collections of innovative and top-of the-line vehicles including impressive concept cars. The NYIAS, North America’s oldest auto show, will be held at the Javits Center next month starting from March 21 to 30.

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