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Jeep Concepts of 2007 SEMA

I’m wondering what’s new with the Jeep® brand today. I haven’t been updated since I got busy fixing my Chevrolet pickup flywheel and Chevrolet pickup hitches. But when I heard something about Jeep yesterday, I never felt so thrilled because when September arrives, new Jeep concept vehicles will be introduced at the 2007 SEMA.

Jeep® concepts will constantly rise as one of the mighty vehicles in the planet! I’ll trade my car for one of these rides if given a chance. Anyway, our business here is all about Jeep concept vehicles and the upcoming 2007 SEMA. I know everybody’s excited even the Mopar team! They can’t wait to drop the bomb that would definitely stun us all!

First Jeep Concept – the Wrangler JT Concept! This monster is basically inspired by the latest 116-inch Wrangler Unlimited. Are you kidding me? This is absolutely radical! We are talking great power here. The power goes along with an easy-to-handle removable hardtop. Back at the Easter Jeep Safari, the Wrangler JT has gone through and climbed up from treacherous terrain and holes. JT has proven its worth as a certified off-road vehicle by showing off its capabilities as a 4×4 mean machine!

The next one is the Jeep Wrangler Ultimate Concept! This vehicle turned out to be an urbanized off-road ride which focused merely in city-type auto styling. But it still remained as a mean off-road vehicle in spite of having a different type of conception which is way off from the Jeep® brand’s direction!

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