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Mikuni VM33 Smoothbore Sales – Call ($539)

Mikuni VM33 assemblies were originally sold for racing applications or big-bore modified street engines. These carburetors offer the ultimate in top end horsepower and provide all the fuel your motor can use when under extreme loads. These carburetors also need tuning for each application in almost every case. We totally disassemble, clean ultrasonically and then by hand and replace any part that needs to be replaced. After reassembly, setting the float levels and bench synchronization , we jet the carbs for our stock test bike using pod air filters and aftermarket, baffled exhaust and road test. We verify the operation of the carburetors in a road test. You can either start with our baseline jetting or we will rejet these carburetors at no additional charge to your specifications. Our baseline jetting is #130 main jets, #30 pilot jets, 6DJ30-4 jet needle, 261 0-6 needle jet, .6 air jet.


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