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Indian Motorcycle

Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS shows the actual look of the latest motor sport that they will soon be launched this year, tvs apache Motors shown in this arena PRJ appear stocky body with firm strokes that are shown on the arena mengesankan.Motor Jakarta Fair (PRJ) is appearing stocky body with firm strokes that mengesankan.Roda front discs. The plan of tvs motor compani Indonesia (TMCI), which became TVS motor manufacturers in Indonesia will soon enter their latest variant of this motor sport in the second half of 2010 was to accompany the TVS Apache RTR 160 which have previously been present in pasaran.Dilihat from the looks, the motor holding 180 cc engine looks very tough with the extra body guard that makes your legs appear more dinamis.Terlebih tvs apache 180  rim is also supported by the crossbar models equipped with disc disc on the front and rear wheels which is claimed to be able to stop the vehicle more safely . As for the affairs of the kitchen pacunya, one of the largest manufacturers in India are pinning the net capacity of 177.4 cc engine with EFI technology is claimed to be more powerful

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