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MODIFIKASI Suzuki Spin 125 2009 | X-Treem Harian

Consumer willingness modikator as desired. Yes, make motors that remain eligible for MODIF daily. Not just contezt! That proved Raynaldo Handoko on Bobby’s Suzuki Spin 125, consumers who live in areas Tembalang Diponegoro University, Semarang, Central Java.

“Demand Bobby was like that. Not merely good in appearance, but also comfortable to wear daily, “says the owner of BJM Modified workshop on Jl. Sudirman, No. 128, Semarang, Central Java

Concept promoted to skubek bearing manufacturers ‘S’, low rider. But again, low rider daily. Hence, to be consistent with the concept, backdated from the standard engine mounting. Wheel base, increased length of 25 cm.

“Engine pipe mounting regenerated using 3×4 cm box. But, so rigid and strong, the pipe was coated with iron plate thickness 4 mm, “said the man was 28 years.

In order to look more and more sweet, engine mounting no covered fiberglass. Thus, the withdrawal process engine is not too flashy. Not only the engine and the wheels are back, but the model also join taxable touch pretentious.

Now, it adopted a model skubek monosock true. Yes, monosock which is in the middle frame and engine. It’s no longer on the left side rear. For his own ass, take the brand to Yamaha Jupiter MX135 YSS.

Under quasi holder, placed in the engine mounting. Who’s grip on the ass, embracing a model which is positioned at the center pin chassis. Plate holder is made of 6 mm.
Finish holder and backing wheel base, new problems arise. Namely, the carburetor is stuck order. Eit, but this is quickly overcome Handoko. “I changed the direction of the carburetor through the intake used Honda Supra replacement and played a little. So, now garnish direction to the right side, “I am a man who has a website http://www.bjmmodified.com.

The final step, of course wheels. Low rider, baseball seemed to be complete if you cool wheel applications. Thus, adopting Handoko Honda Genio rim to the front. Genio is the diameter of the can rim 14 inches and width 4 inches customed again.

Moderate rear rim, rim wear Suzuki Jimny cricket. “The diameter of the same, but have a width of 8 inches. My custom again be 7 inches. So if we are using 160/60-14 tires, could be more rounded, “said a man who was 5 years old playing this modification. Sip!


Front tire: 120/60-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Exhaust: Password
Gas spontaneously: Kitaco
Raiser handlebars: Kitaco
Airs next: Variations Thailand
BJM Modified: 0812-2888-122

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