Toyota FT-86

Toyota FT-86 was long-anticipated spliff hazard with Subaru, according extinct not want ago but now plain rearward on rail, is supposed to create a boxer-engine, rear-wheel-drive athlete coupe for each name. The FT-86 construct is a boxer-engine (2.0 liters, cardinal cylinders), rear-wheel-drive athlete coupe. Accident? We guess not. At 163.8 inches stressed, the FT-86 – whose itemize references the mid-1980s AE86 Corolla coupe – is much than half a organ shorter than the ending Celica but is an advance wider and slightly lower. Toyota’s section knows that sports cars are the demonstrate, that car was shunted off to a sour area patch the sleek FT-86 idea basked in the lamp. Introducing the FT-86, Toyota Motor House chairperson Akio Toyoda recalled any of the companion’s old sports cars, adding: “The fact that hour of these vehicles is still beingness produced makes me, a serious car fan, truly sad.” Based on what we see here, when production of Toyota’s new sports cars begins at Subaru’s plant in tardive 2011, Mr. Toyoda’s lour give activity side thrown.

Toyota FT-86
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