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Toyota Unveils Green Sporty Car

Japanese auto making juggernaut Toyota has been the face of the green revolution in the automotive industry. Although the automaker is not the first to offer a hybrid to consumers especially in the United States, its Prius is what caught the attention of many. But Toyota is not just about green cars.

Recently, the automaker launched a sports car. When you hear the word sports car, you might think that it is one of those fast machines that guzzle gas as it rack up the miles. But this one has a Toyota badge on it so we can safely assume that this is a green car.

The automaker announced that the Future Toyota Hybrid Sports or FT-HS concept will give consumers the best of two worlds. If you want a fast car, this is the one for you. And if you want a car which produces very little emission then, this is for you too.

Doug Soden, manager of product development at Toyota said: “There is a stronger need for hybrid vehicles to be on the market, or much more fuel efficient vehicles. Whichever way you look at it, whether it is a petrol-electric or hydrogen-electric, there needs to be that hybrid interface.”

I just hope that this is not a hybrid just for the sake of it being a hybrid. I mean, the FT-HS should be a hybrid not because it’s what people with money want. It should be a hybrid because there is a need for vehicles to reduce their greenhouse gas emission. And if the second case is true for this sports car, then Toyota should have designed it to be fast and really “green”. Also, it should be as an Acura valve cover gasket.

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