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Cars Get More Horses Under The Hood

Who says the battle of the horsepower is over? You are wrong. Actually, the battle is just getter hotter as automakers give more horses under the hood.

The most remarkable, by far, is RENNTECH’s package for the Mercedes AMG models. Imagine, the car gets 695 hp. Awesome!

In the last few years, the auto industry has witnessed the parade of 500hp sedans. German automakers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have inundated the industry with uber fast cars. But, as I’ve said the battle isn’t over.

In a release, RENNTECH, one of the leading tuning firms we have today, announced a new “stage 3” tune for the 2008 65 series AMG models, which makes use of what RENNTECH calls “next-generation ECU software” to get 695hp and 890 lb-ft of torque from the AMG’s twin-turbo V12.

“Power will always be important to many customers, especially torque,” explained Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH’s president and ex technical director of AMG North America. “Our cars have always been able to make considerable torque, and have been praised in magazines for their drivability. Still, we are constantly trying to improve our product.”

“We now have two in-house engineers that are doing software full-time, and others that work with the software on a part-time or contract basis. We are always looking for improvements. The latest software takes advantage of the increased power of the new engine computers, and offers a number of small improvements that add up to a big ‘overall’ improvement,” Feyhl explained.

Feyhl concluded: “It really is that ‘next-generation’ sort of product that is much more advanced than what we were capable of offering before. Compared to earlier versions, our new software gives customers more power and better drivability in a way that is more reliable, smoother power curve, and even improves emissions and gas mileage.”

With approximately 900 lb-ft of torque who won’t be lured?

One thing is apparent – the performance and power of cars are getting more and more impressive. But automakers should not neglect safety and comfort. The maker of Volvo wheels, for one, should not take its safety milestones for granted.

More horses, more power. So cut the horses reins without compromising other auto aspects.

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