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A Sneak At Detroit’s Big 3 Plans For 2008

Still tired of the New Year’s celebration? Well, exhaustion shouldn’t keep you adrift for the longest time and lose contact with auto industry’s upcoming offerings. Those are not something that should be missed.

To give you a preview of what’s forthcoming in the industry, here’s a quick rundown:

Ford Motor Co. has licensed its technology for soy-based flexible seat foam to Deere & Co. and Sears Manufacturing Co., so those companies can develop it for John Deere farming equipment and other applications.

Ford is already using the soy-based seat foam in the 2008 Ford Mustang, F-150, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. It also will be featured in the 2009 Ford Escape.

The Dearborn automaker says the soy-based foam is more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based foams, and soy foam reduces carbon dioxide emissions and takes less energy to produce. “Ford is pioneering renewable solutions and forging strategic partnerships to extend our capabilities and our ability to innovate,” Gerhardt Schmidt, vice president of Ford research and advanced engineering, said in a statement.

Coming up: Ford will release its December and annual sales results on Thursday. Ford sales were up slightly in November following a decline for the previous 12 months.

Cerberus Capital Management’s CEO Stephen Feinberg was thrust into the spotlight this month when he took the witness stand as part of the private-equity firm’s efforts to back out of a $4-billion deal to purchase United Rentals.

News media across the land have struggled — and failed — to find a recent picture of Feinberg ever since Cerberus acquired Chrysler. Newspapers have run college pictures of the very private Feinberg.

Coming up: Chrysler’s unveilings at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month include the Dodge Ram.

General Motors
The Chevrolet Tahoe gets its most powerful engine yet. Chevrolet will bring out a 6.2L small-block V8 in the Tahoe LTZ in 2008. The 380-horsepower Tahoe will be equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. The Tahoe LTZ 6.2L is available on two-wheel drive models and adds to a Tahoe lineup that includes a hybrid version. A six-speed Hydra-Matic 6L80 RWD electronically controlled automatic transmission allows the driver to manually select upshifts and downshifts. The Tahoe LTZ 6.2L has towing capacity of 7,900 pounds.

Coming up: GM CEO Rick Wagoner speaks to the Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 8.

Special thanks to Detroit Free Press for the wonderful revelations.

Cold air intake filter
will be breathing a little comfortable this year and in the years to come. Additionally, car occupants will be more comfy in their seats.

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