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Volvo Recalls 125,000 Trucks

Every car maker should ensure that every car part and accessory they install on the vehicles they make is built to be quality ones just like the durability of the Acura CL steering rack. However, sometimes because of technical problems, these auto makers failed to check the function of these car parts. This is why there are still faulty car parts in the cars running through streets.

Car makers had to recall these car parts in order to prevent accidents and other fatal incidents.

In recent news, the luxury car line Volvo, a Ford Motor Company subsidiary and also a part of the Premiere Automotive Group, recently reported a recall of 125,000 trucks in the United States. Reuters revealed that these trucks were found to have faulty electrical components which may lead to possible accidents. This is why Volvo had to recall these trucks. The world’s number two truck maker said the problem was related to the main circuit-breaker in the lighting system.

Volvo spokesman Tommy Kohle said, “We have had reports of incidents. Exactly what that entails, I don’t know, but we have decided it is serious.” He failed to reveal the cost of the total recall however he confirms that the cost of the recall won’t affect the total firm’s share price.

It will be expensive to have a recall especially for luxury car brands. I just wish Ford won’t be affected that much by this recall.

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