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Comparison Of Video Sharing Sites

The Internet is currently playing a key role in the car shopping needs of consumers. It has been reported that majority of auto buyers spend most of their time on the web when it comes to researching for a new car to buy. The advantages of using the World Wide Web includes being able to see different specs of different vehicles at the comfort of a consumer’s own home. With the Internet, they would not have to visit a dealership one by one just to compare vehicles.

Recently, J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study to see which video sharing sites are effective when it comes to reaching car buyers. The Auto Channel reported that smaller video-sharing sites are more effective in targeting buyers of specific segments than larger sites.

Arianne Walker, director of marketing and media research at J.D. Power and Associates said: “A relatively small number of adults — roughly 6 percent of the population — purchase a new vehicle each year, so it is particularly important to carefully target automotive advertising to mediums that will provide the best balance of audience reach and penetration. More new-vehicle buyers are viewing video on the Web, and advertisers could benefit from staying on top of this growing trend.”

“Finding ways to closely and efficiently target consumers can be extremely beneficial to automakers, particularly when vehicle segments experiencing considerable growth in sales are pinpointed,” continued Walker. “In this instance, smaller video-sharing sites attract a higher concentration of compact CUV buyers, which can make such sites more effective in targeting these buyers with relevant automotive advertising.”

Walker explained further: “As an example, YouTube’s and MSN Video’s visitor target demographics are nearly identical. However, when segment reach is examined more closely, it becomes apparent that MSN Video has the propensity to deliver a higher proportion of target compact CUV buyers, compared with YouTube.”

This only shows the potential that the Internet has for reaching car buyers. Through the Web, consumers can also find auto parts such as radiators for Nissan vehicles for sale.

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