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Holiday Carols To Save Teen Drivers This Season

Believe it or not, car crashes are the scariest nightmares for teen drivers! Almost 6,000 lives were already taken and the most shocking thing about this is that the Christmas season is the deadliest time for young adult drivers… sad but true!

However, a group of dedicated teenagers didn’t let any barriers or a defective ignition coil block them from spreading joyful cheers with several smart driving tips and messages. According to The Auto Channel, during one of the first contests of its category created “Holiday Holla,” Danny Luebke and Carl Turner, both 18 from New Prague, Minnesota, won $15,000 and were acknowledged for their originality in being smart driving supporters. The award was given courtesy of The Allstate Foundation.

“It’s still so unreal,” said Turner. “We’re really excited about this – performing was crazy, there were thousands of people there. Danny and I are so happy to have learned about Keep the Drive and The Allstate Foundation; we hope our all the other teens out there will check our song out on HolidayHolla.com and drive smarter as a result.”

Danny Luebke and Carl Turner and the four other groups of finalists from all over the US presented at the Mall of America last December 8. The pair earned the admiration of the crowds and panel of judges with their piece “Make a Difference,” a cheerful acoustic adaptation of the holiday cheer “Good King Wenceslaus.”

“Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens,” said Swift. “That’s a scary fact, but something we as young drivers have the power to change. It’s great for me to have this forum to reach out to my fellow teen drivers to promote smart driving in a fun way, especially during the holidays. Hopefully teens will start to think twice before doing something dangerous like text messaging while driving.”

Other winners are Nick Bates, 15, Fred Kreider, 15, and Lucas Wiggins, 14, all of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They performed “Christmas Eve,” a punk rock version of “We Three Kings.” They won second place and the $3,000 runners-up prize. Lauren Lindstrom, 17, of Santa Cruz, Calif, Zoe Novic, 16, of Ben Lomond, Calif, and Eli Zinman, 16 of Santa Cruz, Calif, grabbed $1,500 in the third place.

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