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Small Packages From Volkswagen

Three of the newest concept cars from Volkswagen belong to VW’s small car family. Presenting the Up! two-door city expert car providing extra space and excitement for four, the Space Up! four-door microvan with the greatest changeability and the Space Up! Blue with zero emissions.

According to the Auto Spectator, the three VW cute concept cars had its world tour for 14 weeks before they were placed on display together with their hot radiators at the 2007 Bologna Motor Show.

“For both my team and for me, it was a dream to design these concept vehicles because these cars embody the emergence of a new era. Anyone looking at the New Small Family will immediately see how friendly and neat these Volkswagens are. Cars of this sort are fun. No explanation is needed – they speak for themselves,” confirmed Walter de Silva, the Chief Designer of Volkswagen Group, at the start of the press conference.

Volkswagen launched the New Small Family on a tour around the world before their shared a debut in Bologna. The tour started back in September at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt with the two-door Up!.

“That was perhaps also because every Up! also demonstrates commitment to protecting our environment. After all, extremely clean petrol and diesel engines and electric motors will be working in the backs of these cars,” says Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, a Board Member with the responsibility for Technical Development at Volkswagen.

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