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GreenRoad Selected For Modern Teen Driver Safety Study By AAA Colorado

Teen drivers are one of the major concerns in road safety today – talk about broken tailgates due to drag racing and overspeeding! That’s why another pioneering technology will be introduced for teen driver safety. The GreenRoad Technologies, Inc., one of the leading groups in driver safety technologies, has been chosen to perform the study on how to help develop teen driver safety. The GreenRoad Safety Center was proclaimed as the major pick of AAA Colorado yesterday.

According to The Auto Channel, the study will carry on within six months wherein a Safety Center will be set up in 200 AAA Colorado member teen drivers’ cars. The goal of the study is to classify and lessen dangerous driving behavior from teen drivers. AAA Colorado’s objective is to encourage driving safety between parents and teens by presenting a device that is able to illustrate how teens are doing behind the wheel. But they are going to do this without invading their privacy or supervise where they are going.

“AAA Colorado offers programs to ensure that new teen drivers are operating their vehicles as safely as possible. Through our partnership with GreenRoad, we hope to change teen driving behavior and ultimately reduce teen road accidents and fatalities,” says AAA spokesperson Eric Escudero.

“Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of deaths for teens in the United States,” said Dan Steere, the GreenRoad CEO. “Now technology is making it possible for us to see risky driving behavior and change it before an accident occurs. GreenRoad’s mission, in partnership with AAA, is to help teens and parents take action that can ultimately save lives.”

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