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Safer And More Agile Cars For The Future

The auto industry is one dynamic industry. Automakers never rest on their laurels if they want to stay profitable. This is true even for companies which develops and manufactures the parts that the automakers use on their vehicles that the buyers buy. Take Bosch for example, the German corporation which produces automotive parts and systems, power tools, home appliances, and others. Said company is participating at the first ever North American Vehicle Dynamics Expo and it will showcase new technologies which will make vehicles of tomorrow safer and more agile.

At the said event, Bosch will have representatives tackling different technologies that they have developed. According to The Auto Channel, these will be the presentations on their booth at the event:

  • Scott Dahl, director of marketing and product planning, Chassis Systems Controls Division, Robert Bosch, LLC, on Oct. 25 at 9:30 a.m. will discuss how ESC is an enabler of value-added functions and technologies that, when networked together, create unique vehicle dynamics functionality.
  • Dr. Kay Stepper, marketing manager, Chassis Systems Controls Division, Robert Bosch, LLC, will speak on Oct. 24 at 10:15 a.m. on VDM and drivetrain, suspension and steering technology advancements that improve chassis characteristics.
  • Joseph Miller, engineering manager, Chassis Systems Controls Division, Robert Bosch, LLC, will address the event on Oct. 26 at 11:35 a.m. on the unique possibilities and special consideration for stability systems for SUVs and light trucks, particularly in off-road driving situations.

Bosch will be showcasing different technologies which they have developed. These technologies are designed to complement Bosch’s Electronic Stability Control technology. The Auto Channel lists these features that Bosch will showcase at the event:

  • Dynamic Steering Angle Control (DSA) is an ESC-controlled modification of front steering using Active Front Steering to improve stability, make steering easier and decrease braking distance.
  • Dynamic Wheel Torque Control (DWT), which debuted on the 2008 BMW X5, improves a vehicle’s agility by increasing engine torque and lightly braking the wheel if the vehicle enters a turn, for instance, at a high rate of speed. This offers the driver improved cornering with less steering effort.
  • Dynamic Steering Torque Control (DST) is an ESC-controlled steering torque modification for guiding the driver in specific situations using electric power steering, motivating the driver to increase steering input.
  • Dynamic Roll Stabilizer Force Control (DLF) also is an ESC-controlled function that creates roll-torque distribution between front and rear axle using active roll stabilizers. This improves cornering and reduces the effects of understeering and oversteering.
  • Dynamic Damper Force Control (DDF) improves steering ability and brake performance by modifying damping coefficients using Continuous Damper Control technology.

Expect these technologies to be available on future vehicles, as sure as one can find Honda Accord floor mats for sale online. Apart from the aforementioned features, the auto parts manufacturer will also showcase other safety features for automobiles at the event.

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