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Ford Sync Wins Award

Dearborn automaker Ford is in the middle of its toughest battle yet with lowering sales. But FoMoCo’s turnaround plan is slowly taking the company back to profitability. With the demand for fuel efficient cars increasing, FoMoCo has developed a hybrid of its own. The automaker believes that Americans love SUVs thus they created a fuel efficient SUV in the Ford Escape Hybrid. But the automaker did not stop at just providing consumers with fuel efficient vehicles; they also worked with Microsoft in the development of the Ford Sync.

The said system has earned praises from auto journalists. The said technological breakthrough is now becoming popular among consumers just like Acura exhaust parts are to Acura owners. Recently, the Sync was given the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award at the Hearst Tower in New York City reported the autochannel. According to the report, this year marks the third time that the award was given. It is supposed to be given to “recognize products that set new benchmarks in design, creativity, and engineering as well as individuals and teams that are helping to improve lives and expand possibilities in the realms of science, technology and exploration.”

James Meigs, the Editor-in-Chief of popular Popular Mechanics, said: “Popular Mechanics is, at its core, devoted to recognizing innovations that re-imagine the role that technology and science play in our lives. All of this year’s group of Breakthrough Product Award winners do just that – and demonstrate the wide range of industries that can be transformed through smart, creative engineering.”

Theautochannel.com reported that the people behind Popular Mechanics sought the help of experts and academics. They are asked to give a list of worthy nominees for the award. Then, after the nominees are submitted, Popular Mechanics’ Board of Advisors reviews the nominees. Their findings help editors a lot in determining who will win the said prestigious prize.

Jim Buczkowski, the director of Electrical Systems and Engineering at Ford, received the award on behalf of the team who made the Sync a reality. He thanked the staff of PM for recognizing Sync as a “game-changing technology that will make in-car connectivity more affordable and more widely available than ever before.” Amen to that sir. The Sync system will be exclusively available to Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles through 2008.

Chuck Tannert, the senior editor for PM who wrote about the Sync, said: “The system is as flexible as a Romanian gymnast.” LOL. “Since its functionality is software based, adding capability simply entails downloading a file. Voice command is another sweet spot – the best we’ve tried,” he added further.

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