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Ford Transit With A New SportVan Model!

Are you ready for another big surprise? Hold on to your Audi pressure plate because Ford has something hot that can blow you off from where you’re standing! Are you ready for this? The Transit is extending its offered range by bringing out the new Ford Transit SportVan!

Yes it’s here! The new Ford Transit SportVan model is powered by a remarkable new powertrain options including, for the very first time, a new Durashift 6-speed transmission on the Transit front-wheel-drive (FWD)! All FWD variations are power-driven by a 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi engine. On the other hand, there are three different power outputs offered. The amount produced by the most powerful version has been improved from 130 PS to 140 PS!

According to Ford.com, the latest six-speed transmission for the FWD alternate is a partnership with one of Ford’s continuing partners – GFT (Getrag Ford Transmissions). Ford’s Transit assembly plants and Kocaeli in Turkey and Southampton in the UK will both be producing this innovative derivative.

“By giving the most powerful FWD variant a new six-speed transmission we’re able to offer our customers an even greater Transit portfolio. A lower load floor for easier loading and unloading, a larger load space with extra interior height and outstanding manoeuvrability are all attributes that customers recognise in our FWD option. Our new six-speed transmission retains all of these vehicle attributes while delivering up to ten per cent better fuel economy and more comfortable cruising,” says Christine Lund, the Chief Programme Engineer for Commercial Vehicles.

The new 140 PS six-speed transmission powertrain is offered to improve SQ&V (sound quality and vibration) as well. The expanded gear range and the twin mass flywheel obviously develops the SQ&V and at the same time obtains a perfect launch performance because of the superior torque delivery from the engine and a shorter first gear.

“The new six-speed transmission for FWD will primarily attract customers in the two tonne cargo segment who seek improved performance, a good towing capacity of up to GTM 5,500kg, power and torque for motorway cruising and long-distance driving. Urban customers are more likely to spend much time in traffic and require less power. These customers will be satisfied with the five-speed transmission for occasional highway use. Adding six-speed to the high power FWD derivative will complement the six-speed transmission that already exists on the mid-power 115 PS and high-power 140 PS RWD models,” says Henrik Nenzen, the Director for Commercial Vehicles, Marketing Sales & Service.

“The new Durashift six-speed transmission for FWD ensures Transit will continue to compete effectively in an increasingly competitive market segment. Our philosophy with Transit is clear – we continue proactively to offer existing customers the choices necessary to match their exact requirements, we bring to market affordable new technologies as they become available, and we continue to ensure that Transit remains an attractive, contemporary and technology-packed option to bring new customers to Ford,” said Phil Collareno, Ford of Europe’s Vehicle Line Director for Commercial Vehicles.

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