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Honda Sales Up, Acura Division Slumped

Japanese automaker Honda was expected by Edmunds to post the highest sales increase for the month of September before automakers posted their sales report. The prediction came true as Honda reported an increase of nine percent in their September sales. From last year’s 116,226 units of Honda and Acura vehicles sold, the Japanese automaker reported that they have delivered 127,200 units of Acura and Honda cars and light trucks last month.

According to the automaker, it was the arrival of the new Honda Accord which boosted their sales for the month of September. Sales for the midsize sedan not only increased but it also helped the whole lineup of the automaker. This is called the halo effect. Basically, a new car or a revised one can generate more interest from car buyers. In order to have a closer look at that particular car, consumers will then visit dealerships. There would be times that it is during these visits that consumers might see a car in the dealership that they would like but would not have otherwise given attention to in the past.

As a division, Honda posted an increase of 13 percent in the number of vehicles they have sold. This is fueled by increased demand for the new Accord which is the third best selling vehicle in the United States last month. The Japanese automaker reported that they have sold 26 percent more Accord units last month compared to last year for the same period. Although sales of the Accord jumped by 26 percent, it is not the biggest gainer in Honda’s lineup. It is the fuel efficient Honda Fit which posted the highest sales increase with sales more than double last month compared to September 2006.

The increase in the number of Honda Fit sold is not actually surprising as new car buyers are looking for more and more fuel efficient cars. The increasing price of gasoline and the threat of global warming have car buyers thinking about buying vehicles which consumes less fuel and produces less greenhouse gases.

While the Honda division posted an increase in sales, the luxury division Acura posted lowered sales for the month of September this year. Last month, Acura sold 14,369 Acura coils springs-equipped vehicles, down by 12 percent from September 2006’s 16,323 units. This slump for the luxury brand has been going on for a while. For the first nine months of the year, Acura sold 8 percent less vehicles compared to last year for the same period.

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