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Fashion and Cars in One

What does a dress and a luxury car have in common? Well, it may be the weirdest question you may encounter today but if you look closely, these two exactly different things are related to each other. The spirit of creating both with passion, style and details made these two different things related to one another. Just like the Dodge Ram pickup car cover, the news was early delivered to us by The Auto Channel on their official website. Click this link to read more.

This may be the reason why people were not surprised upon knowing the British luxury car maker Bentley Motors and the great English fashion designer Vivienne Westwood collaborated. The two powerful forces had their very first collaboration last year on “Vivienne Westwood Shoes 1973 – 2006” which happened in Castello Visconteo Sforzesco of Vigevano outside Milan. And this year, the two expensive personalities will be joining forces again to push through a fascinating venue of both elegance and creativity on the forthcoming Milan Fashion Week.

The collaboration of Vivienne Westwood and Bentley Motors will be happening on the highly anticipated fashion exhibition happening on the 26th day September 2007 at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. We all know Milan is the design and style capital of the world so this is just the right place where fascinating things could happen. On the show, she will be displaying some of her creations which was first seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The collaboration of elegant English fashion plus the master of luxury vehicles Bentley Motors can also be seen on an exclusive event that celebrates the sponsorship of sophistication of the car manufacturer in Düsseldorf’s German Fashion Week. The event enhances the bonding between the two fabulous individuals which further adds more daring lines especially with skills and talents working together.

On the particular event, the British luxury car maker will be showcasing the ever glorious bright yellow 1992 Bentley Continental convertible in front of the Piazzetta Reale. The presence of this classic, timeless and enticing luxury vintage car will convey the sprit of individuality, fashion, uniqueness and elegance. This will also be highlighted by the passion toward fashion as given more justice by the signature of Vivienne Westwood’s creations.

Vivienne Westwood is also blessed to receive the Bentley Continental Flying Spur she can use the entire time she is in the city during her visit in Milan. Bentley Motors will also give the world famous fashion designer a chance to take a seat in another fine creation – the iconic Continental GTC. The newest cabriolet made by the British car maker that shows how fashionable and stylish a car can be. It is also the car that shows the styling mobility of the British car maker.

The show-off will be happening at the Women’s Fashion Week and they will have another exhibition at the Men’s Fashion Week coming this February 2008.

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