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Let’s Take It Slow…

We’ve been judging cars by their speed and performance. The fastest is always the best – I guess that’s the world’s standard for a great car. The need for speed is the most essential stuff to some adrenaline junkies… zoom! I myself prefer speed rather than cool cars with their clean and perfect parts like Subaru struts. Anyway, the top fastest cars in the automobile world have always been the talk of the town. Names such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, and Mercedes are a few of the fastest nameplates in the world…

Now let’s put the pace in a much slower speed shall we? If we often talk about the top fastest cars, let’s put it on the other way around – let’s talk about the top slowest cars in the planet!

The slowest vehicles… these are the cars that you really need to avoid when you’re on a two lane street and you’re in a hurry going to the office. Actually, slow drivers can be determined by the car they are driving. Of course, if the car’s speed is just quite fair, the tendency is that he’ll be moving too slow as a sloth. But there’s nothing wrong if your cars are included in the slowest list. Slow cars can be the safest way to hold you from getting hurt because of such cravings for speed. The thing is, if you want to start your day right, avoid the slow cars as much as possible!

I found a list compiled by http://www.autothing.com/ about the top 10 slowest cars in the world according to their opinion of course! Check out if your car is included on the list below. Now dig in… slow:

1. TOYOTA CAMRY– Old or new, by far the worst… we’d rather get run over by one.

2. TOYOTA COROLLA – Older models electronically limited at 5 miles per hour
3. NISSAN SENTRA – Steer clear!- old Sentras don’t respond to gestures or horns
4. FORD ESCORT – So slow, you may almost think the one ahead is parked
5. GEO METRO – Don’t let this small car fool you! It can be very, very slow
6. FORD & CHEVY CONVERSION VANS – Older models only, especially those with mismatched doors
7. CADILLAC DEVILLE – Older models are huge Cadillac’s with four doors – enough said
8. FORD AEROSTAR & CHEVY ASTRO – They’re literally boxes with wheels, so please do not follow
9. BUICK CENTURY – Many visitors say ALL Buicks, but we’ll single this one out
10. CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY – Do soccer moms realize there’s a world outside the minivan?

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