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Toyota Wants another Japan Assembly Plant

The Toyota Motor Corporation is looking forward to building another facility plant in Japan. The company said that the new plant will be its second plant in the home turf following the first plant built two decades ago. The officer from Toyota mentioned that news last Monday.

Katsuaki Watanabe revealed that the fastest growing Japanese car maker is planning to build another Japanese assembly plant. When he was asked about the company’s plan, he said that “it is true that are we are considering” building a plant in Japan, but he did not further elaborated on that. I assume the plant will be making Toyota car parts like the Mazda plant that makes the Mazda distributor rotor for their car models.

The famous maker of the Prius was noted to have impressive car sales in the US car market accounting their Camry sedans including their Lexus luxury car brand. These car models were reported to a have huge amount of sales against the reputed top selling car maker in the US General Motors Corporation. The Japanese car maker was even reported to overpower GMC this year.

The news last week revealed that the Japanese car maker is looking between Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido as well as the northern region of the main island where they can build their new Japanese assembly plant.

The automaker’s official also revealed that Japan is the best place where certain models like hybrid cars and luxury cars can be made best. The automaker is also looking into building more cars with better mileage in the new plant.

We can never deny the fact that almost all car makers are venturing into hybrid cars because of this vehicle’s popularity. Japanese car makers are the number one producers of these hybrid cars making them build more facility plants for their hybrid cars.

Toyota also revealed that the plant in southern Japan will be doubling its production of luxury cars for the different markets of the world.

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