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Jaguar XF In Frankfurt: The Debut!

The long days of waiting are all over! The 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show has opened its doors to all automotive eyes and enthusiasts! Now is the right time to unveil the best concept units and the best 2008 year model vehicles! The event holds the launching of all awesome cars that are expected to create an impact to the industry soon. And of course, the show is highlighted with ground-breaking concept cars for the future! Oh yes, the future of the automotive industry is clearly obvious – it’ll be successful for sure! These cars are the solid evidence that shows a good tomorrow for the automobile world. It is as clear as a windshield wiped down by a Mercedes Benz wiper blade!

One of the debuting vehicles that are very much anticipated by critics and fans is the Jaguar XF! The cat has been missed by its fans because it has rested for quite awhile. But fans don’t need to worry because the Jaguar is here with a brand new sedan – the Jaguar XF! The crowd will never be disappointed because this brand new sedan is packed with a lot of splendid features that will satisfy consumers way beyond their expectations.

“The XF is a stage in a personal journey for me. It has always been my career goal to return Jaguar to its rightful place as leader in automotive design. Cars like the original XJ6 left a lasting legacy and my ambition has been to create something as seminal. The XF is that car,” says Ian Callum, the Jaguar Design director in a featured story in Media.Ford.com.

According to the article, the Jaguar’s new design direction was first utilized in the XK sports car and the XF is the next step that follows. Indeed, the XF’s proportions are closely matched to the XK – the angle of the windshield rake being the same on both cars. Callum and his team aimed for a sporty, muscular look and gave the XF an extensive outline inspired by the XK with a powerful grille and well-built shoulders. One-piece headlights wrap around the corners onto the front wings together with the grille.

“It was time for Jaguar to be bold and the XF fits that brief perfectly. With its dramatic styling, powerful yet beautiful flowing lines and a distinctive face, the new XF looks like no other Jaguar sedan – and yet it could only be a Jaguar,” says Wayne Burgess, the XF senior manager for Jaguar Design.

“The engineering disciplines behind the XF are as ground-breaking as its new design language,” said Phil Hodgkinson, the Jaguar Programmes director. “New development processes and computer tools allowed us to work through the program at a quicker pace than anything previously. New technologies and materials combine strength with lightness.”

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