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Subaru of America Foundation for Clean Air Campaign

In my concern of knowing the status of the world with regards to moving towards a cleaner environment, I found this inspiring article from drive.subaru.com. I have learned that in Atlanta, there is a clean air campaign that perseveres to “…motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion.”

That was according to their mission statement which obviously shows their interest for a greener environment. And, a good thing is that the Subaru of America Foundation opted to help them in educating and involving schoolchildren in their quest.

More than their care to bring up less emissions coming out from the Subaru muffler, the campaign discussed about the problems caused by the burgeoning population of Atlanta Metropolitan. They have found that poor air quality in the area were the effects of long commutes and gridlock.

Currently, The Clean Air Campaign focused on Atlanta’s air quality issues through three approaches:

  • Suggesting and rewarding commuters for using alternative ways to get to work
  • Partnering with employers to enable their employees to use alternatives to commuting
  • Educating and involving students in schools

Since it is a nonprofit campaign, they rely resources from private funders. That is to possibly attain the mission.

As I have said a while ago, the Subaru of America Foundation is well concerned with this matter. They have contributed to the “Better Air Schools” program. As tackled in the site, the Education Outreach Coordinator, Brooke Barnes, characterized the program as possessing three educational components:

  • Where the pollution comes from
  • What air quality is
  • How pollution affects our health

Aside from that, the program has three action components:

  • Reduce harmful emissions on school grounds
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled to and from school
  • Reduce traffic congestion at school

They have also included a musical assembly program. It is called “Fresh Air”, which will be featuring the Better Air Bear (BAIR).

It has been stated that Lewis Perkins, the Marketing and Development Director, said, “We work with the schools to educate the next generation of commuters. It’s not unlike the recycling programs of the ’70s and ’80s that changed the mind-set of a generation.”

This campaign would surely inspire older individuals to make their own simple ways to help the environment and most importantly to the next generations.

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