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Yellow and Cloudy Headlight Lenses?

Oh well… I don’t have a lot of things to do today. So, I’ll be sitting back and browsing about the current events on the web.

It’s rainy outside. And, I find it inconvenient to drive on the streets with such dire weather upon me. Hmmm… Let’s see. I think my Mercedes Benz headlight lenses are getting cloudy since it has been a while from the last time I replaced them.

As far as I could remember, it has been about four years already. Since I’ve been always out and it has quite been that long doing service, I know it has been excessively exposed to the sun, acid rain, harsh weather conditions, and some chemicals (e.g., brake fluid, power steering fluid, hot radiator fluids, hot water, and harsh cleaners). Those things are actually causing the degradation. Some headlight manufacturers equip the lenses with a protective film. However, they are still susceptible to the yellowing and weakening of the quality over time.

Let’s put aside auto news for a while. I’m just thinking if I’ll be replacing my headlight lenses or just clean them up. I don’t have good resources for now. So, I was thinking if it will be practical to spend about $510 to $570 for a pair of plastic aftermarket headlights together with the installation and alignment.

The other option is to purchase a patented headlight cleaner and restorer kit, which is just about $20. They say it absolutely restores the lenses, making it look as if they were brand new. The procedure doesn’t need for one to seek the help of professional mechanic. It is because it is said to be easy.

I haven’t actually tried using the cleaner and restorer kit though it sounds good as it is much less expensive than having a replacement.

I’m wondering what others prefer and how they managed the problem. I hope some of you would share them with me and with my readers as well. Regardless, I would still be gathering some ideas from sites featuring car repairs some other time. And, if I’d be able to discover some new techniques, I would be glad to keep you guys updated. This is just to give you the idea of what might be coming up. For now, I conclude that using a cleaner and restorer kit is the cheapest way.

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