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Satellite Radios Are Penetrating Strongly In The Market!

Aside from the hot auto parts like brake rotors Canada, one of the coolest trends on vehicles today is the satellite radio! They are so cool that almost 40 percent of customers accounted that they have a satellite radio in their brand-new vehicle’s audio system!

According to J.D Power and Associates’ 2007 Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study(SM), satellite radios are marking a significant boost of 26 percent as compared to last year! In addition to this, 94 percent of vehicle owners specified that their satellite radio is a dealer or has been factory installed and that amount marks an increase from last year’s 92 percent.

“Buyers want the latest technologies included in their new vehicle’s audio system, and the increase in market penetration is a reflection of auto manufacturers’ response to consumer demand. New and redesigned vehicles-particularly those within the luxury segment-are increasingly being equipped with the latest multimedia features, including satellite radio, MP3/auxiliary output and navigation systems. Market penetration for these audio features will likely increase as time goes on,” said Allison LaDuc, a senior research manager of automotive product quality at J.D. Power and Associates.

From the news that I’ve read from the TheAutoChannel.com, J.D Power and Associates’ study assesses the owner’s familiarity with the design satisfaction, quality and features in a new vehicle with these automotive multimedia systems. There were twenty-eight different multimedia arrangements that were assessed which include several unlike groupings of the following systems: AM/FM radio, cassette player, single CD player, multiple CD changer, navigation system and satellite radio. Multimedia system suppliers are ranked based on the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) in the three largest segments: AM/FM/Single CD Player, AM/FM/Multi-CD Changer and AM/FM/Multi CD Changer/Satellite Radio. A lower PP100 score indicates a higher quality.

“It’s interesting to note that while consumers who have more complex systems tend to have more problems, they also have higher satisfaction levels than consumers with simpler systems. However, quality problems shouldn’t be disregarded altogether, as our overall findings show that respondents who don’t experience any problems at all have higher satisfaction than those who do report experiencing a problem-regardless of what system type they have,” added LaDuc.

Here are bits from the 2007 Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study which was based on the responses of 97,390 owners of new 2007 model-year cars and light-duty trucks. To view the complete results, visit JDPower.com:

AM/FM/Single CD Player

Problems per 100 Vehicles

Hyundai Autonet 3.8

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. 3.9

Clarion Corporation of America 4.1

Visteon Corporation 4.2

Delphi Corporation 4.4

Fujitsu Ten Corporation of America 4.7

Pioneer 4.7

Industry Average 4.7

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America 5.0

Siemens VDO Automotive Corp. 5.0

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. 6.5

SANYO Automotive U.S.A., Inc. 6.5

Harman/Becker Automotive Systems Inc. 11.0

AM/FM/Multi CD Changer

Problems per 100 Vehicles

Clarion/SANYO – NC 4.0

Clarion Corporation of America 4.4

Pioneer 4.8

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America 5.0

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America 5.2

Industry Average 5.4

Delphi Corporation 5.7

Visteon Corporation 5.7

Fujitsu Ten Corporation of America 8.4

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