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Checking out the Spark Plug Wires

I don’t have the appetite today to go out walking around the neighborhood and sneaking through the garages of wonderful cars in our neighborhood. I don’t even want to watch television or take a trip around the kitchen.

For now, I’ll sit back behind my favorite desk and turn my laptop on the whole day.

Let’s see. What would I be discussing? Hmmm… Let us look under the hood of our beloved cars. What would be interesting? The spark plug wires perhaps?

I’d be sharing with you some tips in checking the status of this important part.

The break in the insulation is a usual problem in spark plug wires, causing other engine parts to fail, like your catalytic converter. It would even cause your vehicle to run rough and it would severely affect your gas mileage.

In dire cases, arcing spark plug wires together with a fuel leak results in a fire. That being said would be enough reason for us to regularly check our spark plug wires. And, here is how I did it with some tips adopted from autorepair.about.com:

Before the inspection, make sure that the engine is off. A good start would be from the distributor end of the spark plug wire until you reach the other end. Slightly bend the wires to further check unobvious cracks. It is also important to check the boot of the distributor for cracks. When coming to the end of the wire, individually (to avoid confusion in reinstallation) inspect them. If you were able to find anything, a tear or a crack, you absolutely need a replacement. It is worth it than making yourself spend greater amounts because you ignored the status of your spark plug wires.

This is an easy job, occupying few minutes of your time, yet it offers great safety. It also is something not worth to be taken for granted – it could also be life threatening if not given attention.

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