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A Historic Consumer Confidence in International Vehicles Last July

The month of July marked another milestone in the history of the automotive industry! The historic rise of international car brands last month with an increase of 51.9 percent for passenger cars and trucks in the US market was celebrated by the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) yesterday! International car nameplates were highly praised by Cody Lusk, the AIADA President. Dealers and manufacturers were applauded too by achieving this kind of industry highlight.

“International nameplate automakers are bringing innovation, style and quality to the U.S. marketplace, and that kind of business philosophy appeals to the unique and ever-changing demands of American drivers. The consumer is the most critical component of the product strategy. Plain and simple: international nameplate automakers are building the kind of cars consumers in the U.S. want to buy,” explained Lusk.

679,103 international nameplate vehicles were sold out of the total 1,308,672 units sold in July and twelve of the country’s top 20 best-selling cars and trucks in last month came from international brands.

Here are the vehicles included in the top 20! And guess what? Five best-selling passenger cars in America last month were all international brands! Here’s the order of the vehicles sold on their respective rankings courtesy of the leading automotive resource, the AutoChannel.com:

Toyota Camry/Hybrid (41,514 vehicles sold), Honda Accord/Hybrid (37,142 vehicles sold), Toyota Corolla/Matrix (29,719 vehicles sold), Honda Civic/Hybrid (27,852 vehicles sold), and Nissan Altima/Hybrid (24,464 vehicles sold). Latest passenger car sales for international nameplate car manufacturers are positively up by 2.8 percent for a total of 2,861,322 vehicles! Wow! Even my Cadillac Escalade shock absorbers can’t take that kind of surprise!

“If you take a look at the sales trends for last year through today, you will see a steady climb in sales of passenger cars and other more compact cars – segments to which international nameplate automakers have paid a great deal of attention. As consumers face rising fuel prices, the variety of fuel efficient options that international nameplate automakers have brought to the table have proven successful and will, no doubt, continue to gain favor,” added Lusk.

Toyota is the leading international nameplate last month, next to the country’s best-selling and the number one automaker, General Motors! Corporate sales for Toyota’s three brands; Toyota, Scion and Lexus; accounted for 224,058 vehicles last month. The Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) sales for the month of July went up 6.1 percent at the end of the month with sales garnering 1,555,132 total vehicles. TMS posted sales of 23,123 hybrid vehicles last month as well – Toyota’s award-winning Prius reaching great sales of 16,062 vehicles marked a raise of 44.5 percent over last month. At the end of the July, TMS year-to-date hybrid sales totaled to 169,659 units which marked an increase of 59.0 percent over the same month as last year.

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