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China’s Top 10 Most Unpopular Cars

Every one of us has his/her own tastes when it comes to choosing vehicles. I either have a bad taste or a good taste in the eyes and opinion of some people. But either way, some cars are obviously underrated and some are admired. It depends… it’s your choice at the end of the day!

Anyway, here’s the real score for today: China’s top 10 most unpopular cars! It’s obvious that China’s development in the automotive industry is quite booming for the past years. They have produced quality vehicles that are competent in the world market. At present, China is the third largest automaker in the world! All the well-known automakers worldwide are competing to race through the finish lane in order for them to get their share of the profits, introducing brand new models and amplifying production in China. Some models have been successful in China and unfortunately, several other models have flopped!

On the other hand, Gasgoo has revealed their top 10 unpopular car in China. I guess these vehicles are not as impressive as the Great Wall! Anyway, let’s try to get to know these vehicles and learn why they turned out to be underrated.

1. Honda’s Acura TL
Although the Americans gave a warm welcome to Honda’s most popular vehicle, the Acura TL, it seem like the Chinese don’t like this US loved car. Only 200 Units were sold during the first six months of 2007.

2. Mitsubishi Galant
The Galant was introduced in China last November. Unfortunately, during the first half of the year, their sales went down rapidly. A total of 4062 units were sold and that is not even half of Toyota Camry’s monthly sales.

3. Fiat Perla
Fiat Perla, which is developed by Fiat and its Chinese joint venture partner, went on sale last September. Perla had only 2,000 units sold on its half-year sales. At this time, Perla has monthly sales of only 300 units – way lower than the company’s hopes and targets.

4. Kia Rio
The new Kia Rio came up short in displaying its over-all performance. Dongfeng Kia was expected to sell more than 5000 units per month, and it considered the model as its bread and butter. But it turned out the other way. Rio only sold 4,996 units up to the present. Too bad…

5. FAW Vitz
Where on earth this car came from? Ok, it’s from Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co. and it only sold 904 units of the Vitz during the first half of year. No big deal. Next!

6. Suzuki Liana
Suziki Liana’s half year sales amount to a mere total of 5,416 units.

7. Hyundai Sonata
Beijing Hyundai, Hyundai’s partnership in China, sold 7,808 units of the Sonata.

8. Ford S-Max
The S-Max minivan recorded a wholesale number of 2,260 units.

9. Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius’ half-year sales-176 units-were limited by the too expensive price.

10. GM Park Avenue
SAIC GM sold just 934 units of Park Avenue during the first six months.

Currently, the Perla has monthly sales of only 300 units, and that is well below the company’s expectations.

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