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HUMMER.com Ranked Number One!

What automotive manufacturer site do you usually visit? Of course, it depends on your favorite brand and model, right? But what do you think is the most useful and reliable among all these sites? I think J.D Power and Associates has the exact answer for this question!

The results from the 2007 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study Wave 2 has been declared by J.D Power and Associates. So who got the number one spot? Do you have any clue? Get ready for this… HUMMER.com earned the highest ranked automotive manufacturer Web site! The study was distributed to new-vehicle shoppers online as their respondents, and without a doubt, HUMMER.com got the highest evaluation from respondents earning 870 index points – an increase of five points since the release of Wave 1 back in January 2007.

Steve Witten, the executive director of marketing/media research at J.D. Power and Associates, said, “A continuing focus on clear, simple navigation and crisp images and videos that demonstrate both the appearance of HUMMER’s models, as well as the features included in them, allow HUMMER to regain the highest ranking for usefulness among automotive manufacturer Web sites. This is the third time that HUMMER has achieved the difficult feat of outpacing the industry since the brand was first included in the study five years ago.”

“The wide variety of manufacturers scoring significantly above the industry average demonstrates that these companies truly understand the needs and the limitations of their specific shoppers and have designed sites that showcase their models within those parameters,” said Witten. “As manufacturers feel more empowered to take risks, there will be a further explosion in creativity on these Web sites. New and unique forms of interactive media, tools, and page design will emerge. But manufacturers must always balance that creativity with site usefulness and usability to help site visitors find the information they need easily at the same time that they are ‘wowed’ with the experience.”

Here’s a quick peek of the 2007 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study Wave 2 rankings. Check it out!

Manufacturer Web Site Ranking (Based on a 1,000-point scale)

  1. HUMMER- 870
  2. Toyota- 858
  3. Jeep- 856
  4. Suzuki- 855
  5. Land Rover- 854
  6. Lexus- 854
  7. Kia- 852
  8. Chrysler- 849
  9. BMW- 848
  10. MINI- 847
  11. Honda- 845
  12. Mazda- 845
  13. Pontiac- 845
  14. Mitsubishi- 843
  15. Lincoln- 842
  16. Saab- 842
  17. Chevrolet- 840
  18. GMC- 840
  19. Saturn- 840
  20. Dodge- 838
  21. Cadillac- 837
  22. Ford- 836
  23. Industry Average- 836
  24. Volvo- 835
  25. Buick- 833
  26. Subaru- 832
  27. Nissan- 831
  28. Infiniti- 830
  29. Jaguar- 828
  30. Porsche- 828
  31. Mercedes-Benz- 826
  32. Acura- 822
  33. Hyundai- 820
  34. Scion- 811
  35. Mercury- 803
  36. Volkswagen- 792
  37. Audi- 773
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