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2007 Suzuki Reno on Review

A friend of mine asks me while I was replacing my Mercedes Benz window switch, and Mercedes Benz wiper blade: What’s the ideal car to purchase?

I told him that actually I’m ready to discharge our family’s Suzuki Reno as an econobox. But then after my I’ve read the latest review from the net along with my research on the Mercedes Benz window regulator of the 2007 Suzuki Reno, I changed my mind and recommended the said vehicle. It’s because I was astonished of the testimony made by car enthusiasts after test drives of the said vehicle.

Ever since, Suzuki was known to be a brand that exerts effort in producing cars that are perfect not for the chosen few but rather for those who can’t afford much to purchase all those luxury brands.

The 2007 Suzuki Reno still stands for the same feature – economical and that is a perfect match for the upward sloping trend of gasoline. Based on the testimonies, there are still lapses that one can find with the vehicle. On this, the brand made sure that the vehicle would still come with features that will not sacrifice comfort, safety, fun, and, of course, driving performance.

The Reno is powered by a four-cylinder engine that is coupled with 2.0-liter double overhead cam which is spirited enough to run out the 2,739-pound model all the way with an ease. It features a 5-speed transmission (manually), plus a trouble-free shifter, well-spaced gears, first-class handling, and a 102.4 in. wheelbase – all these helps the vehicle get an utmost performance.

The vehicle can produce 127 hp @ 5400 rpm/131 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm and, as expected for a car in this category, you’ll be surprised with its performance as it winds up on zigzag and snaking roads without much fuss!

Adding for a more relaxed ride are the comfortable seats both the front and rear though the seats in the front offer small side support. It also features a deep center console. It has a spacious legroom, a flat center floor, and its trunk volume has been expanded to up to 45 cubic feet for the seats at the back can be folded thus the added space.

As standard features, the following are still: included power windows, door locks, and mirrors, standard eight speakers CD/AM/FM/MP3 audio system, and AUX input intended for the audio.

Simple features that are visible in this model are the steering wheel, instrument panel, a tachometer, large speedometer, temperature gauges, and digital clock, four-wheel disc brakes, and “dead pedal” to relax your left foot. Cup holders are also installed plus, sunglass holder, two-12-volt outlets, assists handles visible in all doors, adjustable front shoulder belts, and a wiper at the back are set up as part of its convenience features.

This vehicle is accessible with its price amounting to $13,499 – simple and economical but after the test drive of the 2007 Suzuki Reno shows that purchasing the model is one great deal.

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