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“Unwanted Scrap Tire” Business Rolls into Livonia, Michigan

Not all that glitters is gold! For you, this thing that I am talking about is considered as waste but for a company like Encore Associated Leasing L.L.C. (“EAL”), it’s one form of wealth and a type of gold.

Just imagine 280,000,000 scrap tires discarded throughout the United States – that sounds horrible, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine living in a nation with a potential for a major tire fire which is a constant threat aside from the fact that tire piles make very appealing homes for pests. It also becomes breeding grounds for other creatures especially when stored and uncovered with standing water thus leading to mosquito larvae thriving on. Yuck!

Thanks to Encore Tire Recovery for taking a step in helping out to recover these scrap tires. What they do is they use a convoy of “T2” tire collection vehicles parading along the highways in Southwest Michigan on the way to their corporate headquarters which is located at 12822 Stark Road in Livonia. What a brilliant idea. They are not just bringing jobs within the locality but they also take a vital role in giving an environmental solution.

The mobile shredding vehicle bears a resemblance to a compactor garbage truck however it has the capacity to shred tires at a rate of 500 tires per hour. The innovative system turns scrap tires into environmentally friendly end products. Those unwanted scrap tire piles strewn all the way through the countryside threatens a lot of locals with serious hazards. I then do not wonder why it is classified as a serious environmental nuisance.

Actually there were a lot of states and municipalities which were disturbed and annoyed by the negative response of several tire retailers to accumulate and appropriately dispose all these man-made products. In the process, they have endorsed laws and ordinances obliging the tire retailers to guarantee them an apt dumping of the used tires. Michigan has enacted a law that places the duty of proper tire disposal on the retailer and the law is being strictly enforced.

According to Paul Merklinger, the President and CEO of Encore, the future of scrap tire management begins now and as the Encore Team introduce and demonstrates this “T2” vehicle, he is anticipating that the nationwide program to onslaught the problems linked with scrap tires be realized sooner.

But I have a problem for now I don’t have used car tires, but I have used a Saturn window motor and a Saturn windshield wiper motor. Does somebody know where I can bring those used car parts for recycling or proper disposal?

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