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Hummer To Unleash ModeLabs Group Designed Hummer HT1

Hummer vehicles are certified bad boys of the road. Armed with their powerful engine and geared with a bold and awesome auto body styling, Hummer is the absolute vehicle for the tough and aggressive types. Can you imagine this car turn into a sleek mobile phone – impossible, right? But believe me when I say that the Hummer has its own version of a mobile phone. Check this out!

Hummer, a part of General Motors Corporation’s division announced the commencing of their very first mobile phone which was designed exclusively and distributed by the much known Customized Design Manufacturer (CDM) – ModeLabs Group. This gadget is greatly inspired from the Hummer’s high-end finished wheels and grille design of the vehicle. The first ever Hummer HT1 mobile phone offers an extraordinary styling with a slider form and touch panel. It’s a sweet combination of either Yellow, Khaki and Sand design colors with the leading-edge technology. The Hummer HT1 displays powerful and versatile features with easy and accessible multimedia tools such as FM radio, a 2-megapixel camera with digital zoom, a micro SD memory card extension, Bluetooth stereo, triband, USB port, email and a lot more of cool features and stuff! How about that for a Hummer mobile phone? That’s totally sweet! The HT1 is packed with two battery covers with variants of designs to choose from and it can be customized by applying the genuine Hummer paint colors with additional ten wallpapers and two videos as exclusive Hummer content. Totally a Hummer experience!

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