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Death of Tongan Prince Was Blamed On Ford

Because of the unsafe design of the car, the death of the Tongan Prince was blamed by some on the Ford Motor Company. A sporty utility vehicle was driven by his father who died because of a car accident.

A lawsuit was filed at Dearborn and the Michigan Based auto maker was the one sued. The 55 year old Prince Tu’ipelehake was with his 46 year old wife Princess Kaimana Aleamotu’a Tuku’aho and their 36 year old driver Vinisia Hefa riding a 1998 Ford Explorer which had the tendency to ”roll over or flip in turning maneuvers.”

The lawsuit was filed last Monday by the Prince Tu’ipelehake’s sons Osaiasi Tu’ipulotu who is 34 and Vakafuhu Tu’ifua who is 12 at the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Both the prince and the princess died on the said accident last July 2006 after the vehicle run by their driver was side swiped by Edith Delgado, a Redwood City teenager. The SUV rolled over several times after it flipped. 19 year old Delgado was confirmed racing with another driver when the car driven by the teenager hit the running SUV. Authorities have said that Delgado’s car was running on a speed of 85 and 100 mph on Menlo Park highway. The young driver pleaded not guilty after the three counts of vehicular manslaughter was filed against him. The trial for the case had begun last week at the San Mateo County.

The lawsuit that was filed against Ford saying that the marketing mislead the drivers and passengers that the Ford Explorer promises to be safe on highways travelers but it turned out to be a great lie. The lawsuit also includes the roof of the Expedition that was not made safe for the driver and passenger during a rollover. According to the sons of the prince who died, it should be made tougher than it should be.

Kristen Kinley, the spokeswoman of Ford, said that the company has not seen the lawsuit therefore they should not comment on it. She also defended their Explorer brand saying that the vehicle had undergone tests as an SUV and therefore it is ‘’as good as or better than other SUVs in handling and stability.”

The lawsuit also includes the Delgado names such as Jose Luis Delgado, Hefa and the owner of the Explorer, John Martin Hiss III, as defendants.

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