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VW says we can’t have the Scirocco, unveils VW-LG digital media player instead

Scirocco fans are currently howling in protest as reports say that German automaker won’t be bringing its Scirocco hatchback in the United States, despite the popularity of the original coupe in America.

The Leftlane News, quoting Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president of Volkswagen of America says that VW “isn’t willing to risk cannibalizing sales of the GTI”.

Apparently Hallmark told Automotive News that “It is economically suicidal for us to risk the sales volume and the potential for GTI. We don’t want it.”

The Scirocco will have the same Volkswagen parts like the engine, chassis, and suspension as the GTI. It will be based closely on the Iroc Concept and its exterior car parts, which debuted in August 2006.

So while Scirocco fans howl in protest, Volkswagen proceeds to another interesting project: a digital media player of its own.

Autoblog is reporting that Volkswagen has teamed up with LG to produce a special MP3 player designed and branded as the Beetle of personal music devices.

Instead of just putting a “Vee-Dub” logo on any old contraption, LG designed a fresh product for Volkswagen.

The player sports an aluminum body and comes in three of the same colors as the VW Beetle: salsa red, shadow blue and sunflower yellow, according to Judy Pae, a spokeswoman for LG in South Korea.

The design of the player’s user interface was obviously inspired by the car, and the device also sports a small VW badge on the front panel and a new Beetle logo on the back. The inspiration however doesn’t extend to the shape of the player, which looks like other MP3 players on the market.

The media player a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and can play MPEG-4, Windows Media Video 9, MP3, Windows Media Audio and Ogg-format files.

There are two embedded flash games, and they will be available in 2GB and 4GB versions. LG said the battery will provide about 20 hours of music playback and enough time to watch about three hours of video.

Though the player was unveiled at this week’s Seoul Motor Show, plans for its commercial launch are yet to be announced.

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