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The JE Design Altea XL

Special European tuning houses such as the JE Design wedded the Seat Altea XL which mines the Volkswagen family for another hot compact car. The Seat Altea XL will not be available in North America and is sourced from VW’s Spanish subsidiary. JE Design provides a sportier version for its midsize family car through its Spanish alterations.

The Altea XL undergoes ample treatments and significant transformation by JE Design which modifies the engine and suspension charges and adds an aero body kit (completes the aesthetically pleasing form of the compact car). JE Design tweaked 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI engine, gussing up to 176 horses and 299 pound-feet of maximum torque. The tuning firm scrapes off a full second off the zero to 60 mph acceleration time dropping to just a mere 8.9 seconds. Its running velocity reaches at 130 miles per hour.

The Seat Altea’s exterior car parts are altered with a new grille which is available in matte black or r by request in matching vehicle finish and is just the first step offered with new headlamp eyebrows, a front spoiler, side skirts, lower suspension setting and a rear apron. Car buyers can also order chrome door handles to suit their own design preferences. Matching to this the Leingarten, Germany, based tuner offers the B-pillar in “3D Chrome”. JE Design commits its focus as well to the single parts for the Seat Altea XL which optimizes aerodynamics and riding efficiency.

JE Design installs performance brakes for more promised agility and an adjustable coil-over suspension that lowers the ride height by 1.4 inches. For those who prefer sustained deceleration, JE DESIGN installs a 330x28mm 4-piston sports brake system on the front axle providing more safety. A four anti-corrosion stainless-steel exhaust system is provided on the left and two on the right offering the vehicle a sportier impression.

An absolute choice of 18- and 19-inch rims enhances the overall vehicle bodywork. Tuning of sound is modified by JE Design for the Seat Altea in way of powerful sound fitted through a rear silencer.

JE Design certainly individualizes the Seat Altea XL aiming to be one of the favorite European compact cars around.

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